Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg

The creator of Facebook is a young, handsomeprogrammer Mark Zuckerberg. The ingenious guy was born in a large family of a dentist and a psychiatrist. Ros smart child, who was only interested in computers and programming, you can say from the cradle.

Facebook Creator
He created the first network in 11 years, of course, it waselementary programming, but still ... Mark impressed everyone with his abilities and creative approach to creating innovative programs. Many achievements for him from school age: board games, Winamp, etc.

All his first discoveries were made at the institute,he greedily and passionately gave himself to his work. Surprisingly, besides programming, he managed to do sports, learn foreign languages ​​and psychology - the creator of Facebook is genuinely brilliant!

As a student, Mark identified the most priority subjects, for everything else he did not have enough time. I was preparing for the exams for a couple of days. In general, the university graduated with an average academic performance.

The founder of Facebook started a new life in 2003,when he came up with the most popular social network in the world. The story began with the fact that he decided to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend. He created a website that featured her photo with the signature "fool". You could vote for the participant. Already in the first hours of the site visited about twenty thousand people.

At the same university, anothera talented programmer - Divya Narendra. He has long been nurturing the idea of ​​a social network and even found sponsorship for the opening of the site. The appearance of Mark Zuckerberg's site immediately interested Nerendra, so they began to work together.

Creator of Facebook
But the whole history of the union of these young businessmenended not so optimistically as it began. The creator of Facebook received a summons to the court, and the lawsuit was filed by his companions. Zuckerberg had to pay 65 million dollars, and 7 billion dollars - is his capital. Rather, the defendant is not seriously disturbed, because if you measure his state and prospects for development, then this amount as a "drop in the ocean."

Nesmorya for the stunning success, the enormousthe state and popularity of the Facebook network, the creator of it does not flaunt on the most expensive machines and does not differ dissolute way of life. His daily transport is a bicycle. He likes to wear ordinary shale, sleep on the floor and buy middle-price clothing.

They say "money spoils people", but not in the case of Mark. The creator of Facebook is actively engaged in charity, and in the coming year he will donate $ 3.5 billion to it.

Recently, the young tycoon married. Newlyweds for nine years met, even with a student's bench. In short, a sincere love that lasted for years. The ceremony was held secretly in the house of the creator of Facebook.

Creator of facebook
The same day became a grandiose event for the whole company - on the exchange the social network was estimated at 124 billion dollars, which is even higher than the large oil company Gazprom.

The creator of Facebook is now experiencing the mosthappy moments - success in your personal life and business. It seems that this is just the beginning for a twenty-eight-year-old talent. I think it's worth to wish him luck, because such a "simple and your own" billionaire in most people causes only sympathy.

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