Instruction: how to write to the seller on "Алиэкспресс"

Users who constantly order products withsite "AliExpress", it often happens that you need to write messages to the seller. Buyers can specify the presence of liked things or other parameters of the lot, which are not in the description. However, new users of the site are not always notified of how to write to the seller on "Aliexpress." There are four ways to contact the store owner.

How to write a message to the seller on "Алиэкспресс"

The buyer can communicate with the seller throughchat on the lot description pages and the order of goods, e-mail and the TradeManager program. In correspondence with the owner of the store, it is recommended to use English.

how to write to the seller on the aliexpress

Chat on the lot description page

In order to ask the seller a question, it is necessaryclick the "Send a message" button. Then you need to type the text completely in English. If necessary, you can use free online translation services. The user can not enter more than 3000 characters. Then download the photo and click on the "Send" button.

You can see the reply in your personal account. To read it, you need to open the "Message Center" section. There you can continue the correspondence.

Messages from shops with a good rating are received by the buyer within 2 days. It happens that the seller does not respond more than five days. In this case it is recommended to look for another store.

how to write a message to the seller on aliexpress

Chat on the order page

How to write to the seller on "Алиэкспресс", usingthis way? To do this, you must buy at least one thing. Next, go to the order details page and leave a message in the comments box.

Usually, users ask questions about availabilitylot, and also specify the color and size. A user who is dissatisfied with the quality of the received thing can attach a photo to the message. In case of an aggravation of the dispute, the correspondence between the buyer and the seller will be used as evidence.


In order to find the supplier e-mail,you need to open the order page or store contacts. Next, copy the address and paste it into the recipient's line. Communication with a supplier via e-mail can be time-consuming.

How to write a letter to the seller on "Aliexpress" using the TradeManager program

The most convenient way to communicate with the ownerstore is a correspondence through a special program. The TradeManager application runs on mobile phones and PCs. A user can create a group and add selected sellers to it. The program provides the ability to exchange an unlimited number of files, as well as sending text of any length. In the application there is a button for making video calls.

You can download the program on the website Before downloading, you need to select the OS. When entering the application, you must specify a personal identifier on the website "AliExpress." The user can find out the ID by opening the Alibaba forum page. However, before that you need to log in to the website "AliExpress."

After the authorization is completed successfully,You can enable automatic translation of received messages into Russian. The user needs to click on the "Chat" button in the "Settings" section. In the drop-down menu, select the "Translation" item, switch the interface to Russian and save the result.

how to write a letter to the seller on aliexpress

Beginning of communication with the supplier in the program

How to write to the seller on "Алиэкспресс", usingapplication TradeManager? To do this, open the lot page and click on the "Chat now" button. A user waiting for an immediate response should note that the supplier must be online. A yellow smiley indicates that the seller is online.

Even if the supplier is not on the site, the usercan send him a letter. The next time you sign in, the seller will see the message. The program menu is completely in English. Therefore, when adding contacts to the favorites list, some users may experience difficulties.

How to write to the seller on "Aliexpress", ifthe supplier asked to contact him through the program? To do this, copy its ID, open the "Contacts" tab and click "+ Add" at the bottom of the window. Next, you must specify the identifier and click on the "Search" button. Then click "Add contact" and confirm the action. After that, you can start a correspondence with the seller.

how to write a complaint to an aliexpress seller

Customer complaint

It happens that to solve the problem with the supplierthrough an open dispute can not. Then users have to think how to write a complaint in "Aliexpress" on the seller. To do this, open the "Help" section. Then in the pop-up menu, you should mark the item "Submit a complaint".

After the user is identified with thethe reason for contacting technical support specialists, he needs to fill in the fields of a special form. Having described the situation, click on the button "Send complaint". The claim will be considered soon.

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