Fashion bloggers of Ukraine: top-bloggers, and what they interested the audience

We all live in the 21st century - a century of moderntechnologies, the latest inventions and the Internet. With the advent of such developments, many new areas of user activity were formed. For example, with the help of this Global Network you can earn, make purchases, communicate or learn news. The Internet generated and such activities as copywriting, programming or design. A separate place in the life of the World Wide Web is occupied by bloggers. Today we will get acquainted closer with the genus of this activity and find out who today are fashionable bloggers in Ukraine.

How did bloggers appear?

Initially, the decoding of the word "blogger" wasis pretty simple. A blogger is a person who maintains his blog. A blog is a so-called electronic diary, which the user is editing day by day. Suppose that for this there is a certain site, resource. As such a resource can serve its own site. But, as you know, to make and untwist a personal site is not so simple, and therefore one by one began to appear worthy analogues - multi-user platforms, where for blogging you only need to pass a simple registration. This occupation was not considered a profession. People simply shared their thoughts, reflections on one or another account, told about how their day went by or told the facts from their personal biography. Over time, a separate caste of representatives of this kind of activity was formed, called video bloggers, which is extremely popular among young people. Popular bloggers from Ukraine and Russia also did not stand aside and began to earn money and fame in this way.

bloggers in ukraine

Where can you read the blogs of Ukrainians?

Now for blogging usersa lot of conditions are provided. The sites are paid and free, and some use even social networks for blogging: "facebook", "facebook" or "twitter". For example, the popular Ukrainian blogger and lawyer Dmitry Suvorov often uses the last site. Her habitue Mustafa Nayem became extremely popular and became known as a journalist and political critic. Before the appearance of the first political post, he was an inconspicuous user, but after expressing his opinion on the events of the Maidan and writing about this on his page, he woke up famous. Thousands of users have made a subscription and have since regularly monitored Mustafa's updates in "Twitter." The second most popular site, which is actively used by bloggers in Ukraine, is Facebook. Here, bloggers have the opportunity not only to share their thoughts, but also to attach a corresponding photo or add a compromising video that collects millions of views.

dmitry suvorov

Bloggers in Ukraine and their popularity

Most modern bloggers in Ukraine -celebrities who are blogging not for money, but for demonstrating their position. However, some of them still manage to benefit from this. Thanks to a successful post, you can additionally find several thousand fans who will become fans not so much of the creativity of the most famous person as of her thoughts on one or another account.

So often do bloggers in Ukraine. Over the past few years, many pop stars and movies have started their own blog. Journalists, politicians, servicemen and representatives of other professions filed for blogging. We learn more about them.

fashionable bloggers of ukraine

Top bloggers in Ukraine

If most foreign bloggers are outstandingcelebrities, well-known personalities that flaunt the secular life, talk about novelties of fashion, cosmetics, expensive cars and dwellings, in Ukraine the situation has developed quite differently. The most famous bloggers in Ukraine are politicians or persons involved in the political situation in the country in one way or another. Among them, politician Arseniy Yatsenyuk, frontman of the group "Ocean Elzy" Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, journalist Mustafa Nayem, singer Vera Brezhneva, commander of the military battalion Semen Semenchenko and others. As studies show, the theme of politics among blog readers is much more popular than any other stories.

Bloggers-politicians in Ukraine

Ukrainians are not indifferent to the fate of their country, and theyready to watch day and night all the relevant news and events from the life of the state, including track updates on blogs. This once again proves the situation around the lawyer and blogger, whose name is Dmitry Suvorov. After the conflict with the participation of Nadezhda Savchenko, the popularity of his blog grew at times. Did not pass around the "fashion" to blogging and the current president of the country, Petro Poroshenko, who also regularly tells in Twitter about current events, expresses his own thoughts on this or that occasion and is gaining more popularity among readers. Bloggers of Ukraine have long proved to the whole world patriotism and indifference to the future of their state.

popular bloggers in ukraine

Ukrainian bloggers-activists

Popular pages of blogs and activists thatcall for various patriotic actions. This can be military assistance or participation in a specific rally. Cohesion and mutual assistance are the distinguishing features of all bloggers in Ukraine.

top bloggers of ukraine

As practice shows, they are always ready to cometo help each other, as well as to do everything possible to highlight the political situation in the life of the city or country to their faithful readers. Many of them are ready to risk freedom or health for the sake of writing an honest and fair blog.

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