How to sell Steam accounts in modern conditions

Selling accounts is one waymodern money making in the gaming business. Excitement is one of the qualities inherent in any player. And one more very important point: most people want to have a lot and preferably immediately. Therefore, no one wants to wait, gradually increasing their level in this or that game. Many believe that it is better just to pay a certain amount of money and immediately get what many reach for a long time and hard work. Let's see how you can make money by selling accounts. One of the suggestions might look something like this:

how to sell steam accounts

But before to find out, how to sell Steam accounts, let's see what Steam is and why you need an account in this system.

What is the Steam service?

To answer this question, it is worth paying attention toon the history of the technology of the distribution of computer games. At the end of the last century, the first gaming computer programs begin to appear. How did they spread? At the very beginning, they were sold on license cassettes or floppy disks with various degrees of protection against fakes. Then replace the licensed CD or DVD-ROM drive. The degree of protection was much more complicated: various tricks, for example holograms, are beginning to be used. But even such a step could not help the development companies defend copyright, and the theft of game programs flourished.

In 2002, Valve announces and beginsdistribute a service that is called Steam. The essence of the service was as follows: the installation package of game programs was in free distribution. But for its activation, Steam keys were required for each of the computer games distributed by the company. However, in order to use this service, you must be a registered user. That is, have an account Steam. After registration, many people have a question: how to buy or how to sell Steam accounts.

where you can sell the account steam

Buying a Steam Account

Typically, a Steam service user has severalaccounts in each of the games released by Valve. Most often it's a game of CS or, as most often called players, "Counter." But why the question is how to sell Steam accounts? The fact is that the official initial account of the same "Contra" is worth a lot of money, this is on the one hand, and on the other - all the privileges in this game can be obtained by performing a certain number of assignments with a positive evaluation.

Thus, in order to promoteaccount, you need time and money, since additional weapons and equipment do not apply for free. Because players (especially beginners) are trying to buy immediately promoted account. At the same time, some players, having untwisted the account, are ready to sell it and begin to untwist the new. They have a question: how to sell Steam accounts - because the system itself does not provide for reselling accounts.

where to sell a steam account

Where can I sell my Steam account?

As you know, one of the principles of the market ispostulate that demand causes offers. Therefore, when there are people willing to buy an account, there also appear and want to sell it. But since most of the sales are done via the Internet, there are quite a few specialized sites, where you can sell a Steam account. But it is important to be careful. Why? Among the decent players who are ready to trade not only with accounts, but with equipment and weapons for computer games, there will always be people who are ready to take out other people's money by fraud. Therefore, solving the problem, how to sell Steam accounts, it is important to think about the security of the sale.

sell account steam fast

How to protect yourself from fraud while buying and selling an account?

The question of where to sell a Steam accountit is safe, it is relevant, since there are many people who want to receive money for nothing. When choosing a site where an account will be sold, it is important to find out how safe the sale and purchase of accounts are. The biggest difficulty appears when a player tries to sell a Steam account quickly. It's important to remember that only untied accounts are being sold. Account binding takes place using the player's phone number. But, having untied the phone, the player risks losing his account. Therefore it is important to choose a site that can protect the seller from rogues.

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