What is a TIC? How to check and analyze it?

Today, business on the Internet is gaining momentum. Earnings - this is the only goal of many users. And there are many ways to achieve what you want. For example, you can earn revenue even on your site. Here, for earnings, you need not only not to have it, but also to achieve a high ranking in search engines "Yandex" on the high indicators of TIC - the thematic citation index.

How to test and analyze

TIC is determined by the number of entrances to the site withexternal links. And each link has its own weight of quoting. Check and analyze TIC site can be on any target service. That is the number of links on external resources from which visitors come to you and do something-put the likes, leave comments, make purchases, and create quotations.

But there are a few pitfalls. The weight of each link is not the same. Links on sites with low TICs and a small rating also have a small weight of TIC in the search engines of Yandex.

How to check the site's TCI

What determines the importance of the site

It is clear that the citation of the site dependsearnings on the Internet. Today it's easy to create a resource, but it requires a painstaking and thorough work to promote it in the search system "Yandex". And an advantage in this will have Internet resources created on a paid platform with a domain name and a real address in the virtual world.

On the Internet there is a large number of paid and free platforms for creating a website. And each user chooses among them the most suitable for themselves at the moment. But all this is just the first step.

Dependence of TIC on external links

Imagine that a template has been createdits resource on a particular topic. Further, the process of filling the pages of the site with unique content is required, from which, in fact, the quality of the site, its promotion, and citation will depend.

To better understand what a TIC is, one can sayand in other words - the TIC indicates the importance of the site in the virtual world of the Internet, that is, it shows how many users go by external links to your site. And each such transition has its own weight.

Imagine that, for example, with someexternal resource on the link established there, the input determines the weight in 0.45 TIC. So, to raise the site's TIC to 1, you need to have at least 3 links on different external resources. This will be the answer to the question about what is a site's TCI.

Increase of TIC by external links

The Internet has a system of buying and sellinglinks and website promotion using external links, called SEO-optimization. This service, by the way, is an indirect answer to the question, what is a TIC. It is important for the owner to raise the citation of his resource, at least up to 10 TIC units. This is an indicator with which you can enter the Internet business market and earn on your website.

The majority of exchanges on earnings beginregistration from this indicator. Achieve it is not easy. You need to have at least a few hundred links on external rating resources, on which it's not so easy to put your link, unless you buy it. With this, in fact, the work on promotion begins.

It is important that TICs can only increase references toresources, which are already indexed in the search system of "Yandex". Links to other external resources, blogs, social networks, forums that do not have indexing in the search engine, have no weight. Therefore, when buying the latter, you need to do an analysis of the resource's TCI, where you plan to link to your site.

Purchase of external links - increase of TCI.

How to identify a TIC

Not so simple with these "titsami." And it is not so simple to achieve a high rating only at their expense. We can have hundreds of external links, but never get a high rating. Quoting is still dependent on quality SEO-optimization of the site for key queries. Yes, the key query has a direct impact on the TIC.

Take a small example for a better understandingof the situation. We have two sites. The first one - with the key request "Nokia laptop" and TIC 25 index, and the second one - with the key request "purchase of laptops" with the index TIC 50.

A user who wants to buy a Nokia laptop,enter the key query "Nokia laptop" in the address bar of your browser, and the search engine "Yandex" will give the user a site with an exact entry on this key request, despite the fact that the TIC index is less. As you can see, the main place in the citation is the exact entry on the key query. This suggests that the TIC depends not only on the number of external links, but also on the quality of SEO optimization.

How to check the site's TIC? In this there is nothing complicated:

  • We enter in the address bar of your browser a key query "how to check the TIC".
  • We find a suitable site that gives analysis and checks the TIC.
  • Enter in the address bar a link to your resource, and the system in minutes will give a complete analysis.
checking the site's TCI.

Influence of the TIC on the position of the site in the directory "Yandex"

Catalog - this is another invention of searchsystems in the process of improving the ranking of sites. It contains all the data on the site: a link, a screenshot of the first page and a thematic description of the pages that have already been manually moderated in the search engine. All sites are placed in the search catalog according to TIC indicators, to the extent of their decrease.

The catalog itself does not give a directincrease the indicators of the web resource, but has some influence on the trust. That's why webmasters are so eager to get into it. Today it is not so simple. The fact is that the catalog makes very high demands on resources on the topic, and on SEO-optimization, and on design.

You can get into it for free. But, as in all free services, the application can be considered for months. The application procedure is standard. This is, first of all, registration. Very often in the process of filing an application, you can get an answer that registration is terminated. Here you just need to be patient.

Analysis of TCI.

So, let's list the advantages of getting into the named directory:

  • Determining the site in several regions, which significantly improves its position on search terms.
  • Indexing a link from external resources.
  • Increase traffic, site traffic.
  • Putting it in a subject heading, which contributes to the increase in TIC.
  • Increase the rating of the site platform for advertising and, accordingly, for earning on advertising.
  • Increase the price level of the pages for the sale of links.
  • This all together increases the ranking of the site in the search engine "Yandex" and in the eyes of Internet users.
How to increase tIC.

Of course, for placing a site in the Yandex-directoryyou need its high thematic quality, unique content, high-quality SEO-optimization of all pages. Need a full version of the site with fully filled pages. In addition, in order to find out the TIC site, you need to visit the specialized resources from time to time, where the verification is performed at one, and at once and at several sites.

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