Biography of Katya Adushkina, one of the youngest and most successful videobloggers

Recently, children and adolescents havea new hobby is to be a video blogger. What do they do? They shoot videos about their life, about their friends on the topic of some fun, scientific or serious issues. Katya Adushkina (emphasis on the first syllable) is one of them, young, talented and successful.

biography of Katya Adushkina

Biography of Katya Adushkina

So, what do we know about one of the mostpopular video bloggers Runet? Katya Adushkina's biography is rather brief, even about her age in the network are disputes. Someone claims that she was born in 2001, and someone says that in 2003. But both sides agree that her birthday is October 18. For the first time Catherine appeared in the space of the blogosphere in 2013, namely March 16, 2013 can be considered the starting point of her career videoblogera, it was on this day she opened her channel on YouTube. And in 2017 The number of subscribers to her channel is already about nine hundred thousand people, her videos scored over 50 million views, and Katina's popularity continues to grow.

Many are interested in the question of who are the parentsKati Adushkina, what kind of family she has. There is no unambiguous answer to this question. There are versions that her dad's name is Roman and that her mother is blond. Probably, they are very far from the sphere that Katya chose, and they simply avoid publicity. However, there is one member of the family who is known to everyone and does not hesitate of his popularity! Who is this? This is the dog Katya Adushkina, charming Pomeranian Spitz named Rada, Katya affectionately calls the pet Dusey or Radusei. Rada often poses on the photo with her beloved mistress.

the parents of Katya Adushkina

Saturated life since childhood

In addition to filming in commercials, Ekaterina is fond ofdancing. She deals with them in the school-studio "Todes" together with her friend Varvara Stefanova, who, incidentally, is a video blogger. In general, Katya has many friends among well-known guys with the same hobby. This is Arina Danilova, and Michel Petrovich, and Max Brandt. Sometimes they shoot videos together. For example, Cyril Didenok and Eva Didenok launched a joke that they are the parents of Kati Adushkina. And many believe in this and continue to believe, although the guys even shot a video on this topic.

dog cathy adushkinoy

Biography of Katya Adushkina, despite her youngage, has already replenished with the fact of filming in the video for the song "Fly away" and in advertising of chewy candies Fruit-tella. In the clip they were filmed together with Dasha Scherbakova, and support for this endeavor was given to young talents from the radio station Kids FM, where Katya is the presenter. Catherine has many fans, the most ardent of them even dubbed themselves "dandelions." She tries to communicate with them in social networks, answering questions and copying, and in real life Katya will never refuse to make selfies with fans or give an autograph.

where Katya Adushkina lives


Fans of Katya very often wonder aboutwhere Katya Adushkina lives. All that is known to the general public on this topic: Catherine was born in Moscow and currently resides there. Her exact address is not shown on public display. And this is in general correct. It is unlikely that she would have liked to see crowds of fans every day at her entrance and in the courtyard. Despite all his employment and popularity, Katya studies well at school, studies two foreign languages, French and English.

Is it easy to succeed?

Obviously, adolescent children are veryinspires the example of Katya Adushkina. Her biography is re-read by them as a book revealing the secret of success. And hundreds, even thousands of followers daily try to conquer the Internet, recording more and more new videos and putting them online. Who knows which of them will succeed? Someone will ascend to the top and get acquainted with his idol, and someone will simply retreat. Time will tell. Undoubtedly one thing is good, when there is something to strive for and to whom to equal! After all, now, when the Internet is available to almost everyone, when a computer is in almost every house, and every teenager's phone is equipped with a camera, anyone can shoot the videos. Only a little they just shoot, they need to be shot beautifully, brightly, talented - only then people will want to watch them and success will come to the author.

And for those who are just starting their way in the field of video blogging, the biography of Kati Adushkina and other guys who have already become famous is an example, as well as their work.

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