Online store KupiVip ("Buy Vip"): customer and staff feedback

Today, Internet commerce is flourishing for allspheres: from electronics and smartphones to clothes, shoes and accessories for appearance. More and more users are aware of the benefits that online shops give, compared to real stores, as a result of this move to such a form of shopping.

Naturally, this plays into the hands of shops,which are developing their Internet-segment of trade, offering customers increasingly favorable terms of cooperation, increasing the range and extending to neighboring product segments.

A vivid example of a typical and yet one of thethe most successful shopping is the online resource "Buy Vip." Feedback about this service is evidence of a fairly successful and authoritative project that allows you to carry out shopping at the most affordable prices. Here you, in particular, will be able to find any item from the categories "clothes", "shoes", "children", "for home" and others at a cost lower than what is presented in catalogs of simple stores. You can verify this by yourself, by visiting the site of the resource "Buy Vip".

"Buy VIP" reviews

Customer reviews, store information,placed on its official website, as well as data from extraneous Internet pages will allow us to more accurately characterize the resource and submit it here. We will present the characteristics that will be most entertaining, so that you yourself can form your position regarding the store. This will help to understand in more detail what the resource offers its customers.

All the most interesting that we will find about "Buy Vip" (customer reviews, including), will be presented in this article.

General information and popularity

To begin with, of course, we will submit a littlegeneral information about the service. So, initially it must be said that KupiVip is a well-known store that sells goods of various categories on the Internet. The range of things that can be purchased here is quite wide: this can be judged from the rather branched menu presented on the main page of the portal. Yes, and polistav directory, you will see the scale of the store and a large number of titles, categories, brands and brands.

"Buy VIP" customer reviews

At the bottom of the site is the column "Aboutus ", where the site publishes interesting information on the nature of its activities. Here there are, for example, links to the media that previously published articles about the store and thus mentioned it in their articles.

I must say that looking at this list, you canto wonder at the scope of the service: how many glossy magazines and newspapers (of course, the quantitative advantage here prevails in favor of the first) spoke about the resource. By their authority, these magazines can be called quite popular and well-known in their industry: this is especially true of Kommersant, Cosmopolitan, OK, Forbes, Joy and many others. On the site you can find even the date and the page on which the material was posted.

Thus, we can talk about the wide popularity of the store, its popularity among Russian users and the weighty reputation in the world of fashion and shopping.

Network of real shops

Recently there has been an increase in popularitythe so-called hybrid sale, which implies a combination of the online format and the "real" outlet where the buyer can at any time pick up the product of interest, try it on and make sure that everything is right.

"Buy VIP" employee reviews

As indicated in the "news" section on the officialpage of the resource, the same strategy is followed and "Buy Vip". Customer testimonials indicate that the project owns not only an online resource, but also real stores, where a set of sellers are conducting. One such, for example, is in Moscow in the "Gagarinsky" SEC.

I want to note that in real storescompanies have the same rules that when ordering things you are interested in online, except for discounts and bonuses. The store promises a different percentage of bonuses, which stimulates the client to make orders through the Internet.

In St. Petersburg, as in other majorcities, the company has representative offices for the delivery of purchases. To this form apply those who do not want to overpay for courier services and prefer to independently reach the service point. And as indicated by the "Buy Vip" reviews of buyers, the store continues to work to increase the network of such representations and make the company even closer to its client.

reviews about shop "Buy Vip"

What are they selling?

So, having described only briefly those categories of goods,which offers a store to its customers, I would like to elaborate on an assortment of those. The easiest way to see what is being sold here is through the menu of the store's website, in which the goods are broken down into special categories.

In the category "Women", for example,clothes, shoes and accessories. This includes dresses, skirts, coats, boots, ballet flats, sneakers, glasses, umbrellas, hats (in order, respectively). In the same section, the classification by brands available for sale is also available: Riccorona, BGN, Dioni, Lacoste, Disetta and others.

As for the "male segment", then in itthe following categories are presented: shoes (shoes, sneakers, boots, sneakers) and accessories (watches, straps, bags, ties, etc.). As for the brands represented "for him", they include: Armani, Lacoste, Puma, VAN LAACK, Patrol and others.

Children's shoes are available for children, accessories and toys. Speaking of brands, you can mention Reima, Orby, Mango Kids, Choupette (as the most popular).

"Buy VIP" product return reviews

The category "House" includes those goods that arebelong to the rubric "home textiles" and "decor". In particular, the first group includes curtains, pillows, blankets, towels and so on; in the second - mirrors, vases, figurines, pictures and other. Among the most popular brands in this section are Ejiry, LA NEIGE, "VARDEK", Arthouse.

Two more interesting menu items on the site aregoods defined as "Cosmetics" and LUXE. With the first, everything is clear: various skin care products are offered here, behind the face, behind the body and hair; cosmetics for men, herbal products and so on.

As for the LUXE category, as the reviews noteabout the store "Buy Vip", they sell "luxury" things that have a higher value. This includes, for example, products from Europe from the world's best brands and manufacturers.


On the site of the store is also presented a section, which lists all the guarantees to customers. They are in fact several types: guarantee of product originality, protection of purchase, best price and product quality.

For example, one of the interesting marketing moves,which is worth paying attention to, is to compensate for the difference in price for the same product in this and other stores. As the reviews on "Buy" show, the compensation system really works. You just need to apply with a confirmation that somewhere the unit of goods you bought is cheaper, after which you will receive money (in the amount of the difference). This is a normal practice, through which the service manifests loyalty to the client. And it's true. At least, describing the "Buy Vip" refund reviews this is confirmed.

Regarding the quality and originality of productsIt is worth noting the store's rather serious attitude to all the documents provided by the brands. For example, on the page of the online shop even copies of certificates are issued that certify the quality and origin of the things of a particular brand. This way you will be convinced that you buy only real products from the best manufacturers.

reviews about


Characterizing the "Buy Vip" (online store, reviewsabout which we are primarily interested), it is necessary to pay attention to special offers. After all, being a popular resource with a flexible pricing policy, the project has the opportunity to conduct some actions and give discounts to users depending on what kind of goods they buy. On the main page of the portal there is even a special section of the menu, which is called: "All shares". Having opened it, we find several offers for the sale of different categories of goods. There are, for example, clothes from Europe with a 90 percent discount or goods from the BGN brand for -85 percent of the cost; there are shoes from European manufacturers at a price of minus 90 and so on. Many different options for how a customer can save money are presented on this page. Naturally, it is recommended to regularly check this section: who knows, suddenly there will offer a discount on your favorite shoes ...


There are two payment models operating in the store.The first is a cashless payment (as in any other online store). You just need to enter your card details, specify contact information and wait until the funds are written off from the account.

The second model is suitable for those who do not wantto share confidential data on the Internet: for it it is necessary to deposit the necessary amount of money in cash upon receipt of the order. Of course, you will receive the money from the courier, and you will be able to pay off immediately after you open the parcel and examine the goods with your own eyes.


Actually, since they started talking about how to payon the site, also note ways of delivery. As already noted, there are at least two of them, both of which have already been mentioned in this article. The first is sending by courier; the second is the independent export of goods from the point of issue. The latter are already open in many cities, therefore, it is quite possible that in your locality there are also offices "Buy Vip".

Return of goods (reviews note that thisthe procedure takes place, as a rule, without problems, if the buyer complies with all the restrictions established by law) is also carried out through courier service or through personal delivery of the thing to the company's representative office (depends on the client's request).

Since KupiVip is an all-Russian store, itIt is also presented in those regions where physical representations are not yet available. Delivery there is carried out through postal services, and payment in this case is carried out through cash on delivery or by bank transfer.


Having characterized the service, I would also like to findthose comments that other users who make purchases about it leave about it. With their help, you can make sure that this company provides its services in the best way, as described on the official website. Visiting the page with customer feedback, we are pleasantly surprised: there really is a lot of positive assessments to the resource.

People say that they are satisfied with everything in their workKupiVip: starting from the range of products and ending with their price. Like, this site successfully combined all those moments that customers are looking for in other stores. Services here are provided quickly, the service offers full support to each client (at least if it is possible to compensate for the difference in value when an identical product is found in another store), the goods correspond to the declared quality and at the same time are offered at a really low price. What else, you ask, does the client need? All this is in the "Buy Vip"!


Directly on the website of the store there is information onthe vacancy in the company with the offer of employment. It is stated here that the shop is really looking for responsible, competent and competent employees who will be given the opportunity to build their career in such a successful and fast growing company. The main thing - to submit your resume.

As indicated on the page about employment,the company is constantly looking for talented people due to its active growth. Since 2008 (the year when the service was founded) and to this day the store has grown tens of times, becoming one of the largest online shopping centers in Russia. Today, according to information from the official website, more than 1,000 professionals work. They work for the benefit of the company, developing and constantly improving the "Buy Vip".

Employee feedback

Now, having looked through the information on a resource and having studiedrecommendations of customers, I would like to draw attention to the other side of the coin - the opinions of those who work directly in the company and through their efforts develop this business. In fact, it is also very important. To understand what are the working conditions in the structure itself, we cite "Buy Vip" employee reviews. Immediately note that, given the large number of vacancies and the number of staff staff, the reviews themselves, we also found a lot.

Some of them, as it turned out, are negativecharacter: for some reason the staff is dissatisfied with the authorities, working conditions, the size of payment, the attitude and so on. However, there are positive recommendations. They note that the work in the "Buy Vip" (reviews are presented from dozens of employees, we give only the final version) is really not easy. The schedule of work (especially for couriers) can stretch for the whole day due to the heavy workload of the service and a large number of customers.

At the same time, the company provides relevantwages and opportunities to realize themselves in a fast-growing industry. We found and describe the "Buy Vip" reviews of drivers, which again noted the high rate of work and the need to show responsibility (when dealing with the goods). These are the complexities that every employee faces. In return, he has a stable salary, an opportunity for career growth and training from professionals.

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