How to untwist a site from scratch

Almost every novice site ownerI'm interested in how to promote the site myself, because at first I want to try something myself. If you are exactly this novice owner, we will now tell you how to make sure that visitors become significantly more without interference from others.

Below in the article will be told about two whales promotion of the site in the search engines. Of the funds you will need only a few dollars a month.

how to untwist the site yourself
Many SEO optimizers still argue, whichfactors help the site to rise in the TOP, which ones are meaningless, and how to promote your site yourself. At the moment, to climb into the "jungle" is not advisable - it is enough to know that the King and Queen of all SEO - title and external link.

Title (in HTML markup is indicated by tags<title> ... </ title>) is the name of the page, what the user sees on the search page as a link. This "name" tells what you can read and see on a particular page. In this combination are the words that you will find users.

In the browser, you can find it on the top of the page. Remember that if you are interested in how to promote the site yourself, and want to get results in the foreseeable future, then do not "swing" at high-frequency requests. You will be able to use keywords with the number of requests not exceeding 200 per month - you can easily determine this number on the site

how to promote your site yourself

It is worth analyzing the page, which shouldbe untwisted, and pick up keywords. Check their frequency on the above service, the best option is 30-50 requests per month. Then you will definitely see the result. Considering how to promote the site yourself, remember that the keyword should be at the beginning of the title. The order of words matters. If you put the name of the company in the first place, then inflict great damage to the resource in the form of a position in the search engines. The exception is, for example, the company "Audi", selling cars Audi.

In addition, the content of the page must bematch her title. The user is very upset, looking for mobile phones, and getting vacuum cleaners, and definitely will not be your client. It was about how to promote the site for free himself. Next we will tell you the way in which your site will "rise" in the search engines for a few dollars a month.

You can not really do anything without externallinks to your resource from other sites - if the text of the link coincides with the first words of the title, then the result will definitely not wait, because the "optimizing force" will double. The best service in this direction is the blogun. Spending $ 5 per month on low-frequency requests, you'll be pleasantly surprised, because the question of how to promote the site itself, it's decided!

how to untwist a website for free yourself

Remember, the main rule of SEO is "external link + well thought out title + keywords in the text = success".

But, unfortunately, the beginner can independentlydo only the first steps. Another matter - the help of professionals. Applying to our company Mrise, you will receive advice on all the services, ordering which, you will easily raise your site to the TOP not only for low-frequency requests - everything is in your hands!

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