How to send a beacon to the MTS and how can they help?

Now we will try to figure out how to send lighthouses to the MTS. We will specify the cost of the service and its capabilities, and also consider the question of how such functions work for other operators.

Description of the service

how to send a beacon to mts

To begin with, this type of service is calledin different ways, for example, starting mobile users often hear a question about how to send a beggar to MTS. It must be said that the essence of this does not change. If you are a subscriber of the mentioned mobile operator, and suddenly you ran out of funds on the account, but you need to make an urgent call, you should not worry - the company gives customers the opportunity to use the convenient service called "Call me back", it is often called a "beacon". Providing this opportunity is completely free. In addition, you can always send a request to a friend with a request to replenish your mobile account. You will not have to pay for it either.

How to use

We bring to your attention detailed instructions,devoted to how to send MTS to the beacon. To use the service and send SMS with a request to call a specific subscriber, simply enter the following command on your mobile phone's display: * 110 * number #, then press the call button. You can dial the number of the subscriber using any convenient format for you. After the action is done, a SMS message will be sent to the specified number, asking you to call back to your mobile number. In addition to the number itself, the message will indicate the date and time of sending the "beacon".

how to send a beggar to mts
To send a free message requesting, enter the following command: * 116 * number #, then press the call key. In addition, that this service does not require monetary costs, it does not need a special connection and is initially available to all MTS users. The number of beacon shipments from the MTS number is limited directly by the operator. Such SMS can be sent no more than five per day. You can send them only to subscribers of this cellular network, as well as to the owners of numbers "Megaphone" and "Beeline". Customers of other mobile operators can not receive a beacon. The described services for other operators are implemented in a similar way.

Free Messages

free sms mts
With the way on the MTS to send beacons, we are a bitHowever, MTS offers its subscribers an interesting opportunity to send free SMS messages through a special service. We will consider his work. In addition, the web there are many sites that give the opportunity to use this service. So, free SMS - MTS - can be sent as follows. Go to the official website of our operator. On the top panel, select the section "Private customers", click "Messaging". In this case, a menu appears on the left, in which we select the "SMS" function. After that, in the section called "Opportunities", go to the "SMS c site". Then follow the instructions of the portal. So we looked at how to send a beacon to the MTS, and also sorted out some other services of the mobile operator.

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