How to correctly promote your site in search engines

First of all, creating your own website forWebmasters should start not only with the idea, the first page and filling it with content, but with the right approach to optimizing for search engines and further promotion to increase attendance. Therefore, these factors should be placed on a higher priority in the beginning of the whole work. To do this, we need to draw up a detailed plan and include three main points:

- Formation of key requests.

- Conducting internal optimization and identifying errors.

- Conduct external optimization for search engines.

Forming key queries

The essence of the work of search engines is to feedusers of requests and issuing corresponding links to them. That is, if your site contains the most popular links and pages, search engines will give them at the top of the list and, accordingly, attendance will increase. Therefore, the promotion of the site and its creation should begin at this stage.
To help the webmaster there are manyservices for calculating query statistics, such as "Yandex query statistics". After analyzing the data, you can easily find all the frequently asked queries about the subject matter of your content. In the presence of a modest budget should not be aimed at the most popular commercial requests, they are expensive and in the case of a rollback to distant positions, there is a possibility of losing a large number of visitors. It's best to use several popular low-frequency queries, because if one of them descends to a distant position, you have almost nothing to lose.

Internal optimization and error detection

Internal optimization begins with a seriousaudit and identify critical errors in the work of the site. To do this, it is best to hire an experienced specialist or do all the work yourself using specialized programs. Next, we begin the content evaluation. Under the already created database of key queries, we create corresponding pages with articles, and the main page of the site under a high-frequency, highly specialized query that reflects the main theme of the entire site. Use only high-quality articles without oversampling key queries, with beautiful, bright tables and pictures. Do not forget to link pages to your content inside the site and fill it with enough up-to-date information so that a visitor can find everything he needs in a short time.

Implementing external optimization for search engines

To increase the attendance you are vitally importantyou need to place a link to your site on third-party resources (similar sites, social networks, blogs, thematic forums). This may not be so easy, but the effect will be immediately noticeable. Do not forget that under each article there should be a button for automatically placing it in the most popular social services. networks with the source of your site.

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