Magnet-link: what it is and how to open it in the torrent client

Roskomnadzor launched a large-scale cleaning in the open airRunet. The program for protecting the rights of copyright holders affects many: on torrents it is impossible to download books or audio recordings, online players block content on the site, online libraries are redone for bookstores.

magnet link what is it

It was in such difficult times that the concept of "magnet-reference" appeared. What is it and how can it be used by ordinary users?

What is a magnetic link?

Magnetic link is an additional levelsecurity for torrent trackers and users downloading prohibited content. But for many it's still an incomprehensible phrase: magnet-link - what is it and how can it help to download files?

Downloading from the torrent file that starts the downloadclient, the user transmits information about himself, that is, leaves a digital trace. Magnet-link leads directly to the content and its content, not passing data about who and where the downloaded file.

How to open a magnet link in torrent

On sites that use magnetic links, there is no rating system. You can download in unlimited quantities. On the trackers, magnet links are marked with a special icon - a magnet.

Programs for working with magnetic links

In addition to the standard torrent client, magnetic links are used in D ++ format directories, where they are stored together with a detailed description.

To open a magnetic link, you can use plugins:

  • GreyLink.
  • FlylinkDC ++.
  • EiskaltDC ++.

In the first two plug-ins you need to go to the "File" menu and select "Enter a magnetic link". Or use Ctrl + M for the first two plugins and Ctrl + I for the third.

Configuring the torrent client

Use external programs to openmagnet-link, not necessary. A standard torrent client can easily cope with this task. Set up the program is a matter of a few minutes, and it will forever relieve the owner of the personal computer from the question of how to open the magnet link in the torrent.

To configure the torrent client, you needforce the program to associate the magnetic reference code with the application. To do this, you need to start the client and select the "Settings" menu. Then go to the BitTirrent section. Here you will need to tick off items such as "Enable DHT network", "Enable DHT for new torrents" and "Enable peer exchange". Then you need to confirm the changes by clicking the "Apply" and "OK" buttons.

customize links in the opera

The second step of the torrent client configuration is the General tab. Here you will need to confirm the association of the application with the magnetic link.

The further work of the program is carried out according to standard parameters. When using the link, you will also need to specify a folder to save the data and wait for the download.

Configuring Browser Settings

Some users, in addition to the question "Magnet-link: what is this and how to configure the client?", There is a desire to additionally configure your favorite browsers.

When you open a magnetic link through the browserMozilla Firefox, the application will give an additional window in which the user will be asked to select a program to work with the downloaded file. To avoid constant repetition of this action, it will be sufficient to tick the "Remember my choice" checkbox in the pop-up window.

Setting up a magnet link in the Opera will requirego to the "Settings" menu. Then, from the suggested options, you must select "General settings" - "Advanced" - "Programs" - "Add". For the correct operation of the browser with links, it is recommended to add the word magnet to the "Protocol" line.

The Google Chrome browser settings are identical to the"Operas". When you open the link, a pop-up window will appear, in which you will need to select the appropriate program. Then "Remember my choice" and click on the "OK" button.

magnet link

Browser built into the operating systemWindows also needs additional settings. Internet Explorer will require the user's consent to use the torrent client's magnetic link. In order not to repeat this action, you need to remove the icon from the item "Always ask when opening these addresses".

Deal with a problem like "Magnet-link: what is it and how does it work? ", it's pretty simple. Setting up the torrent client and browsers does not take much time, but it's much easier to download your favorite books, movies or music.

It's worth noting that downloading with magnetic links is a bit slower than using a regular link.

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