Social networks: how to get free stickers in "VC"

Using emoticons allows you to animatevirtual correspondence, but their monotony with constant communication is annoying. Social networks, including "VKontakte" ("VC"), offer a set of paid stickers (stationary or animated) to congratulate you on your birthday and other holidays, express special feelings.

how to get stickers in VK free of charge

The solution to the problem of how to receive stickers in the "VC" for free is achieved in several ways:

  1. Administration of the social network tointerest the user, offers a good selection of free stickers. Let their set is not very diverse, but every user of the social network will be able to please the interlocutor with a cheerful picture.
  2. Simply save to your computer or send a link to the picture of the interlocutor.
  3. Join the group, read the latest news on how to get stickers in the "VC" for free, and perform the required actions.
  4. Search for ancillary sites, which offer download stickers archive.
  5. Use the Google Chrome browser.
  6. Earning votes "VKontakte" their activity. There are many websites and applications that charge free votes for performing certain actions on the Internet.

Saving to a computer and sending to an interlocutor

how to get stickers for free

The easiest way to get freestickers in "VC", - saving to the computer directly from the social network site. It is enough to choose a friend who wants to send a picture, and enter the "Dialogue". On the right, in the row for the set of messages there is a smiley icon and a button for attaching files. Sticker store is available in the lower right corner when hovering over the smiley face. Enter it - single click the left mouse button. As a result, pictures with prices for them are displayed. Selecting the sticker you like, you need to move the cursor to it, right-click and select the option "save image as". Then, in the opened window, select the save location. Then attach the picture as a file.

Another option, how to get paid stickers "VC"for free, - select the option "copy image". Inserting into the dialog box will automatically attach the sticker. In the same way you can send gifts - special greeting pictures. Go to them in one of the menu items "attach".

List of free original stickers

how to make paid stickers for free

How to get free stickers in "VC" for newcomer, ornever using additional pictures. It is enough to choose a category "free" in the sticker store. Now there are available animals, vegetables, smiles, funny dog ​​and cat, depicting different emotions. The list of free stickers can vary. After clicking the "free" button under a group of stickers, they are automatically added to the set of emoticons, and then when you send the message just click on a group of stickers.

Vkontakte community"

Group http: // / sstickervk offers extended sticker sets for its subscribers. Some pictures are also available for guests. At the very beginning of the tape there is a reminder on how to get stickers in "VC" for free:

  1. Subscribe to news.
  2. Choose the character of emotion (a large selection is offered).
  3. Copy the link in the dialog box or in the entry on the wall.

It should be noted that free stickers in the groupare constantly updated, the participants are informed about it in a timely manner, information about the prospects for the appearance of new pictures depending on the activity of users is posted. This option is for those who like to do everything honestly (down to the smallest detail).

Search for auxiliary sites

A lot of sites offering with theirhelp solve the problem of how to get free stickers in the "VC". For example, on the page offer to download the archive with a set of 168 stickers. Of course, this is not an exhaustive option, but the variety of pictures with active correspondence will last for a long time. Attach such sets as ordinary pictures.

Google Chrome

Using the Google Chrome browser is solvedproblem how to make paid stickers "VC" free. It is necessary to click on the icon (three parallel dashes) to the right of the address bar and select the option "settings". There is an extension point there. After clicking on the "More extensions" link, you will be taken to the Google Chrome store. For convenience of search in the line on the right, you can enter the word "stickers", as a result, the available extensions will appear. You need to click on "VKontakte stickers" and in the opened window click on the "set" option on the upper right. After going to at the very top there is a button for installing the plug-in, you need to click on it.

how to get paid stickers for free

Earning votes "VKontakte"

The paid options "VKontakte", including stickers, are sold for a certain number of votes, which can be replenished with the help of a payment or earned by performing certain actions.

How to get stickers in "VC" for freevotes? You should see the special offers in the "My Settings" section. Choose there the option "payments" and click the "add funds" button. In the last paragraph of the menu that opens, there are ways of free accumulation of votes. Basically this is the installation of various applications, including online games.

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