Why "VKontakte" does not play music: problem solving

Today at home almost everyone has a personalcomputer with Internet access. This allows people to access any information that is placed on the World Wide Web, and according to statistics, it is almost 90% of all information on earth. Also on the Internet there are social networks - virtual communities where people from different countries and from different parts of the world communicate, and also share an incredible amount of useful media to each other. No exception, and music. Probably, one of the largest libraries of audio files in the world is a social network called "VKontakte". In the vastness of this community are millions of terabytes of audio files. But sometimes it happens that you can not listen to VKontakte on your computer. The reason for this error can serve several problems with the social network or with a computer, which we will try to consider in more detail in the article.

listen to music

Almost every inexperienced Internet usersometimes he asks himself the question: "Why does not VKontakte play music?" There are a number of reasons for this. First, some kind of fault lies on the social network itself, because it is imperfect, like everything else in the world, and therefore has its pros and cons. Sometimes the failure of the website itself is the reason that you can not listen to audio files and therefore the music "VKontakte" does not play. Sometimes you just forget to install additional software for comfortable surfing through the Internet.

music does not play

Before asking myself the question "why" VKontakte "music does not play, "you should check for Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Without this program, your PC will refuse to play any media files. It can be checked quite easily: if you do not have this program installed, you not only do not play music, but other files - video, applications, advertising banners do not work. If everything else except audio works, then the reason is not that.

why vkontakte does not play music

Sometimes problems with playing audio filesOccur due to the inconsistency of the Internet browser. Often the reason why "VKontakte" does not play music is an improperly installed browser on the computer. In general, it is necessary to choose the most modern Internet browsers. These include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera. They always support the automatic installation of the necessary programs on your computer, and immediately install all the necessary plug-ins. In order to solve this problem, you just need to download and reinstall one of these browsers. Also, a dilemma may arise because of the gadget that you use when viewing Internet pages. Perhaps this is a tablet that sometimes does not support flash on the Internet, and therefore you can not listen to music in "VKontakte". Then you should download a special program for this social network, through which you will be able to play media files of all types. I hope my article was useful for you, and now you know why "VKontakte" does not play music on your PC.

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