E-planet.ru - The Place To Create Your Site

On the site E-planet.ru it is possible to make at once two basic steps for the beginning of creation of a site: to register the domain and to pay a hosting. The company exists officially, which allows you to safely give into its hands the maintenance of the site. You conclude this contract for the provision of services, which means that the hosting provider will be fully responsible for its actions - or for inaction.

E-planet.ru provides hosting services for all stakeholders, whether they are owners of large known resources or newcomers who want to try themselves in site building.

E-planet.ru well established itself when working with legal entities. Registration of sites of large companies and shops is made here more often thanks to good reviews and the fact that the company "E-planet" provides the necessary documents for the reports.

If there are doubts about the choice, you can always contact technical support, where competent advice will be provided.

Advantages of hosting

This hosting can boast quality service, namely:

- The round-the-clock work of specialists - those who do not know how to do anything or are lazy will not be taken into the company;

- solid experience in the field of its activities;

- cooperation with trusted partners, who value their own reputation;

- high-quality software and hardware that minimizes the risk of malfunction;

- high speed of connection;

- the ability to quickly and inexpensively register domains.

E-planet.ru - the place where you can immediately start the creation of the site, without running from one resource to another, to tie the domain to the hosting. This is especially convenient for beginners, because it allows them to do everything quickly and in one place. Many people who create websites do not understand the technical details at all, which slows down the process. This hosting took care of the simplicity of performing such tasks.

Additional services

Using E-planet, you can not only receivegood service, but also make it even better by connecting additional services. Basically, they are needed by those who have a large Internet project with great prospects. In this case even full-time programmers can not cope with the whole amount of work.

Additional services include extendedsupport and provide an external disk for backup. The first includes continuous monitoring of the server and its services, the state of its load, the resolution of any technical problems and instant answers from specialists. It is paid for separately, once or with the help of a monthly fee - an economical option.

External disk for backup costs from 50 rubles per month, depending on the amount of memory. Its availability makes it possible to increase the security of data storage from the site at times.

E-planet is a convenient solution for all webmasters.

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