How to care for bamboo to get a spectacular plant

Recently, in our homes and on personal plotsthere are more and more exotic plants, which used to be found only in parks and botanical gardens. One such species, interest in which increases every year, is bamboo. It is used to create growing walls, as well as a background for landscape compositions, grown outdoors, in greenhouses and even at home.

Before buying this unusual plant,it is desirable to clarify how to care for bamboo to avoid possible disappointments. In conditions of open ground it is desirable for him to choose a place protected from cold winds and a scorching sun with well drained fertile soils. In this case, a vital condition is abundant watering, without which the bamboo will lose its decorative and wither. In the planting year, the soil around the plant needs to be mulched to preserve moisture, but eventually the need for this procedure will disappear, as bamboo grows and forms thick shady thickets.

Knowing how to care for bamboo, you can beautifullyregister the entrance to the house, and create a picturesque grove that will decorate any garden or patio. But it should be remembered that this is a fairly aggressive plant, prone to expansion. Therefore, it is recommended to limit the space of the soil around it by means of plastic plates or other sturdy materials dug in the ground.

Talking about how to care for bamboo,it is also necessary to mention the container culture. There is a specificity here. Firstly, in winter, the root system of such plants needs protection from freezing. There are many materials that can be used for insulation of the flowerpot: foam polyethylene, straw, spunbond and others. They can be combined in various ways in order to ensure the thermal insulation of the root system and prevent moisture from entering the soil during the frosty period. Secondly, the vases must be stable, so that they do not overturn a strong wind. And, thirdly, in containers, the soil dries much faster, so you need to carefully adjust the watering to avoid the pernicious drying of the earthy coma. The result depends on how to care for bamboo. If you comply with all the rules of agricultural technology, you can quickly get luxurious copies that will please the lush greenery at any time of the year.

Growing in a sheltered environment alsohas its own characteristics. If possible, the plant should be kept in a cool room with good ventilation and full lighting. It is better to use a spacious and wide pot, taking into account the peculiarities of the bamboo root system. The necessary conditions are protection from direct sun, abundant watering and regular additional fertilizing. With excessively dry air, the plant crown should be sprayed. Before transplanting bamboo, you should choose a larger pot, arrange drainage and prepare a loose, fertile soil mixture, with good aeration. If the bush is greatly expanded, it can be divided and placed in separate containers. Under the condition of regular moistening, the plant safely gets accustomed.

In addition to the question of how to care forhome bamboo, you can mention porunaterum prosovidny, which is popularly called - "room bamboo." These plants have an external similarity and approximately the same requirements for care. Pogonateram also quickly grows, does not tolerate the drying of the soil coma and burns in direct sunlight. But if he provides comfortable conditions, the plant quickly develops and forms lush thickets resembling a miniature bamboo grove.

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