How to make "Lego" base - the basis for further buildings

Today, there is practically no person, nothingnot knowing about the designer of "Lego". This toy carries away and amuses not only children, but also teenagers, and even adults. Going on a visit to a family with children, you can see a picture: different details are scattered on the floor, and a father with a seven-year-old son is hotly debating how to make a base for star wars from Lego, and they are enthusiastically collecting something. And Daddy is carried away by much more than his little son.

What can I create from a constructor

The basis of the toy is a brick with spikes,thanks to which, the parts can be connected to each other in any order and sequence. The designer allows you to collect models of aircraft, rockets, mechanisms and robots, build entire cities and fairy houses, as well as bases for flying and military complexes. Practical recommendations on how to make a base from Lego, in particular military, will be considered later. This will help to spend your free time in the family.

How to make a base from Lego? We collect the basis for further games

The base is the main component of most of the further buildings. Building it will not be very difficult, if you have large sets of designer.

How to make a base from a lego

  1. First, we determine for what purpose we are building the base - for the construction of a new great city or for warships. The material and the details depend on this, from which the base will be made, as well as its color.
  2. So that the base does not fall apart in the hands along the wayfollowing from the table to the floor, and vice versa, it is better for construction to choose already ready-made fundamental plates or grid-bases. The first are specially designed for volumetric buildings and significantly reduce assembly time. The grid-grid will help if there is not enough color to cover the fundamental plates or you need to create different levels of the structure.
  3. The basis, depending on the chosen building,you can create a relief. To do this, we select the tiles of the desired size and color and join each other in the order that is necessary for the selected landscape. Its edges can be uneven, rounded and convex. We include fantasy.

How to make "Lego" - the military base with your own hands?

You will need:

  • Mini-figures from a large set of designers. Make for them the same uniform and hats. Choose one time of military action: or you will have a modern army or military units from the past centuries. The army is almost ready!
  • The weapon is lego. Equip each soldier and commander with weapons. Watch the era in which hostilities unfold.
  • Scenery for battle, animals - if desired.
  • "Lego" is a brick, cars, equipment. What kind of war without means of transportation?

From bricks, by docking details, line trenches, dugouts and shelters. Place soldiers and officers there.

How to make a lego military base

You can start the game! Build a strategy and tactics of military operations. The military council for an early victory: try to build your army of decent size with a good command system, in which 40% consists of infantry, 16% of officers and 10% are artillery and transport.

And now - we show off!

We fill in the video with the instruction on construction and the best battles and games on your YouTube channel, and there are thousands of grateful users of your channel who will watch how to make a "lego" -base.

Watching how to make a lego base

And the last thing, the information is inquisitive.

The details, released in 1960, are easyDocking with sets of 2010. Despite the changed design, the bricks join equally for more than 50 years. Therefore, the question of how to make a base out of Lego from the remains of the designer, got from the older brother, and the set bought last month, will not hang in the air, the assembly will not be very difficult.

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