Sexy holes on jeans: their own hands to make them quickly and easily

So the girls are arranged: only bought jeans, as you already want new ones. The most short-sighted of the suffering capitulate before the pressure of desire. But the real creative women of fashion even from a very worn out pair will do a fantastic thing! Of course, you are a representative of a stylish group of girls, who are looked at with envy and try to copy. How is it known? It's very simple: you are interested in the information of this article. So we will together make holes on jeans with our own hands and at the same time to drive crazy with envious people and guys. Let's go from simple to more complex.

holes on your jeans with your own hands

We divide the jeans abrasions into two categories: those that were formed themselves, and holes on jeans, made with their own hands, or factory. Both of them can be beautifully updated, giving the product a unique attractive look.

To wipe a hole in the right place and the necessary size it is possible by means of scissors and emery bruskov, and even it is simple a kitchen grater (that of its party on which a potato for dranikov).

An accidental hole in the knee from the "meeting" withsharp object turn into a decorative cute element. You will need a shred of cloth of suitable size, thread in tone to him and scissors with a needle. Trim the thread that has been torn. Turn the jeans inside out. Pin the scrap and sweep it.

Again turn out the jeans, already on the front side, and sew a shred of selected strings in the form of crosses and snowflakes.

beautiful jeans

By the same principle, boring holes on jeans with their own hands can be updated with guipure or lace. Sew the tape guipure to the side seams of the trousers from the wrong side at the level of abrasions.

fashion 2011 jeans

Turn it to the front.

beautiful jeans

Now it's your favorite pants, is not it?

But beautiful jeans for girls with a strong nervous system, who are not afraid to attract everyone's attention:

fashion 2011 jeans

Despite the seeming complexity, they are made simple. Carefully with sharp scissors, trim the inner pocket and the "over-pocketed" part of the denim along the seams.

holes on your jeans with your own hands
Do not be afraid, such a loss of a part of the material will not affect the weariness of the trousers.
beautiful jeans

And finally, the most difficult and at the same time super-sexual version of leaky jeans.

fashion 2011 jeans

To make such holes on your jeanshands, you need a kind of style, the seams of which allow you to cut out the flaps of matter in this way. Most likely, your version differs from that shown on the sample. Carefully examine your own jeans and determine which seams allow you to cut the fabric without damaging the model.

The most remarkable thing about this is the variety of options and the uniqueness of shapes and styles. This is still the actual fashion-2011! Jeans can be made incredibly sexy, cutting out these holes:

holes on your jeans with your own hands

The main components of the success of this lesson: accuracy, patience and accuracy. Before you begin to cut diamonds, you need to make careful marking from the wrong side of the trousers. It's easy to spoil a thing, and you might not get a second chance to get these jeans!

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