A twig of mimosa with their own hands: a master class. Postcard "Mimosa" with your own hands

Looking for original gifts ideas by March 8? Always touched by the tenderness of the yellow spring fluffy balls? A branch of mimosa with its own hands is made very easily. Choose any of the methods described below, prepare materials and start an interesting creative process. The creation of such souvenirs can be an exciting family activity.

a twig of mimosa

Interesting ideas

The beauty of the spring holiday is always likesave longer. This will help the manufacture of twigs of mimosa from various materials. Such a souvenir will be a nice gift for mom or grandmother on March 8 or simply a beautiful home decor.

There are a lot of manufacturing options. Some are made in the form of a relief on the plane, others are voluminous floral compositions. Something easy to do even preschoolers, but there are technologies that only an adult can cope with.

So, in what ways and from what you can make a bouquet of yellow balls, you can find out by looking at the following list:

  • plasticine, polymer clay or other mass for modeling;
  • wrinkled paper or napkins;
  • quilling technique and embroidery;
  • Crochet;
  • production of small pompons of thread;
  • obtaining round blanks with a punch;
  • cotton wool;
  • polystyrene beads;
  • millet;
  • beads;
  • buttons.

Take advantage of any idea, and you will succeeda beautiful mimosa with your own hands. A master class with photos that are placed in the relevant sections will help you to master this interesting activity. Each method will be interesting for children. Choose a scheme of work in accordance with the age of the child and spend time together to make gifts.

Materials and Tools

So, today you will have a twig of mimosa with your hands. To do this, you need to prepare the following:

  • yellow and green paint or materials of the appropriate color;
  • wire;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • paper (design, wrapping, corrugated);
  • then, from which the flowers themselves will be performed (depending on the technology chosen): clay, cotton wool, napkins, buttons, polystyrene balls, threads, beads, etc.

All that you need is likely to be at your home. You can start manufacturing from the way for which you have components.

Forever blooming mimosa with their own hands:
master class on making a spring gift

The most demanded are simple and quick ways,which even children can use themselves. Favorite material is plasticine. As modern substitutes suitable polymer clay, mass for modeling, granular clay in the form of small balls.

mimosa hands-on master class

To make such a souvenir, you should prepare the composition of green and yellow flowers. Manufacturing technology will be as follows:

  1. Roll the balls.
  2. Cut the wire into small pieces.
  3. String elements on the skeletons made in the second stage.
  4. Dip each ball into the yellow powder.
  5. Connect the frame by the type of twig, wrapping the wire with a green plastic mass, rolled up in the form of a strip, or wrapping paper.

to make a twig of mimosa

An even simpler version is to perform a reliefComposition, when the elements are simply glued to the base. As a background, use a cardboard blank, a veneer, a plate. This option can be made not only from plasticine, but also from thin paper, and better napkins. Of these, it is easier to roll balls with an even surface. It is enough to moisten the material with water.

Another possibility that is easy to useeven preschoolers, - making appliqués from blanks. They can be prepared by adults with a punch of colored paper. Leaves are easily cut from a strip of thin sheet or made from plasticine.

a twig of mimosa

Instead of paper circles use buttons. If you do not have so many yellow elements, use the stain.

Bouquet in quilling technique

It's always nice to make souvenirs with your own hands. Mimoses can easily be made from thin strips of yellow paper, twisted into rings or circles.

postcard mimosa by own hands

First, you need to cut a lot of stripswidth not more than 5 mm. The length is determined experimentally and depends on the diameter of the circle you want to get. Then the strips are wound on a stick. You can use a needle, toothpick, knitting needle. The tip should be glued. Blanks are glued to the substrate. Leaves are made with scissors made of paper.

Postcard with mimosa

Any of the above methods allowsmake a relief image that can be used as a panel framed. In addition, from such a blank you get a good postcard "Mimosa" with your own hands. It is enough to paste a cardboard with the executed relief on the front side of a folded sheet, and inside write a wish. A gift to my mother or grandmother is ready. And if you attach a magnetic layer on the back, you will receive an original decoration for the refrigerator.

How to make a mimosa from cotton wool

The technology of making this souveniris complicated only by the fact that the original material will have to be painted. As a pigment, watercolor, gouache, batik sets or acrylic in tubes are suitable. A lot of time will be spent preparing materials, as the painted details need to be allowed to dry. As you can see, a twig of mimosa made of cotton wool by its own hands is also easy. It is easier to first paint the cotton wool, and then roll the yellow balls. The leaves and the frame can be made by any technology.

Mimosa: master-class "Flower with our own hands"

It is good to use polystyrene beads.They can remain in the household after the manufacture of the seat-bag or the updating of the filler in it. To give the smooth granules a natural appearance of the inflorescences, you will not only have to paint them, but also first dip in semolina or finely chopped wool for felting, previously dipped in PVA glue.

To create miniature compositions usemillet. With him, a voluminous greeting card-mimosa can be made by oneself. Groats are often used without additional staining. More expensive, but also an effective option - yellow beads. Both that, and other substance are easily applied to sticks or pieces of wire, dipping them alternately in glue and decorative composition.

Make your own hands with mimosa can be, using small pom-poms. The technology is detailed in the photographic material:

with your hands the mimosa

1. At the first step, the threads are wound onto a base (in this case, scissors).

2.The resulting object shifts to the sharp edge of the scissors and is pulled in the middle by a thin wire. It is an element of the carcass and at the same time forms the ball itself. On the sides (lateral parts) of scissors the hank is cut along.

3. Make in this way as many balls as necessary for a bouquet.

4. Wind the wire frame with corrugated or wrapping paper.

mimosa master class flower by own hands

5 - 8. Then each flower is connected with the neighboring one. So every twig of mimosa is made by own hands, after which they are all twisted into a single whole. Then the leaves are executed.

9. Green paper is cut into strips a few centimeters (if the bouquet is made on a scale of 1: 1). On the tape cuts are made with the minimum possible distance.

10. Adhesive is applied to the solid side, and the strip is twisted.

11. Do as many blanks for the leaves as your bouquet requires.

12. Putting it all together.

a twig of mimosa from cotton wool by own hands

The branches are grouped in a bouquet and set invase. It is worth choosing such a pot or container, which will look harmonious in combination with mimosa. He should not pay too much attention to himself. The main thing in floral etude is flowers.

a twig of mimosa

Volumetric composition with the number 8

You can not make a twig of mimosa with your own hands.just as an independent detail, but also putting it into a 3D floral fantasy. If you need to make a souvenir by March 8, feel free to take the figure of eight as the basis. The method of manufacturing a framing bouquet is chosen at your discretion. Quilling technique, foam polystyrene, polymer clay will perfectly suit.

You saw how the mimosa twig is made byhands. Having mastered any technology, you can quickly make fading floral arrangements. And a little pofantzirovav, be sure to create postcards and other decorations for the festive spring mood.

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