Autumn compositions from vegetables and fruits. We create masterpieces from the gifts of nature

Autumn - it's time to harvest. For a long time it was at this time of year that it was customary to organize fairs. An important part of such sales are the autumn compositions of vegetables. They are able to attract the attention of onlookers to the goods and act as a kind of advertising. Forming autumn compositions from vegetables and flowers by own hands is a whole art that has survived to our times.

What is a still life?

One of the methods for the formation of fruit and vegetablecompositions is a still life. When creating a still life, the goal is to show the beauty of each of the constituent objects and the overall decorative effect of their combination.

autumn compositions from vegetables

An important stage preceding the formation ofstill life - is the selection and preparation of fruits and vegetables. All natural ingredients that will be used to create the composition must be clean, fresh, without dents and damage, and have bright colors and colors. Only such fruits will look beautiful in a still-life. As for the composition process, there are no special rules. But for a good result it is important to connect creative vision and imagination.

Such autumn compositions from vegetables, fruit andflowers can contain non-living objects - bowls, vases, jugs. The main thing is that all elements are organically looked together. Use still-lifes to decorate the premises before any thematic events or to capture them on the canvas.

Carving for vegetables and fruits

The next way to turn the gifts of the garden into a masterpiece is carving. This is called artistic carving for vegetables. In cooking, carving can be called an intricate slicing of vegetables and decorating dishes.

the best autumn articles from fruits and vegetables

The homeland of carving is China.More than 2,000 years ago, this art originated there. After 600 years it began to gain popularity, and spread around the world. Now most of us mastery of carving is associated with Thailand. In this country there are even special schools in which all those who wish to learn artistic carving for vegetables and fruits. There are also known their festivals, where you can see a lot of artfully designed compositions.

Recently in the territory of Russia suchThe occupation is becoming more popular. We often create decorative design with carved patterns on watermelons, pumpkins, squash, melons, turnips, radish, peppers, etc.

Autumn compositions from vegetables, decoratedintricate patterns, can often be seen at fairs and exhibitions in schools and kindergartens. Also in the autumn, in some towns and villages, there are thematic celebrations dedicated to harvesting. On this occasion handicraftsmen prepare art compositions and put them on public display.

autumn compositions from vegetables and flowers by own hands

An entertaining lesson for adults and children

Create autumn crafts from vegetables and fruitswith their own hands is very interesting and fun. Such an occupation can attract both adults and children of any age. To kids, creative classes on creating vegetable compositions will help you get acquainted with the whole variety of fruits and vegetables, and also train fine motor skills of fingers.

For those who are older, it will be usefulcollective work. A common cause helps to establish friendly relations between children and their parents. It should be noted that the results of the work are no less important than the process of creating vegetable diy. Children feel their own importance, seeing that they could create something good with their own hands.

Autumn crafts from vegetables and fruits with their own hands

How can I make an autumn composition of vegetables

First, prepare everything that you are planninguse to create a composition. It can be vegetables, fruits, dried flowers, bright leaves, autumn flowers, decorative dishes. Looking at this set, you already have to roughly imagine what will be the basis of your composition, and what details need to be emphasized.

If some vegetables or fruits need to be processedbefore composing compositions from them, for example, to cut out a pattern in the technique of carving, then this must be done quickly, so that they do not lose their freshness. Apples and potatoes are not the best option for artistic carving, they quickly darken.

To join several vegetables or fruits it is convenient to use toothpicks.

Ideas. The best autumn articles from fruits and vegetables

For beginners, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with this or that vegetable. Simple tips of craftsmen contribute to the development of fantasy and creative thinking:

how can you make an autumn composition of vegetables

  • from the eggplants are obtained lovely penguins: you need to form the wings on the sides of the fruit, making incisions from the bottom up;
  • Cucumbers are a good material for creating carved flowers;
  • carrot, thanks to its bright color, is suitable for making squirrels and chanterelles, but it must be taken into account that it is solid, and children can not always be able to control such material;
  • a couple of cucumbers can turn into a crocodile: a cucumber becomes more of a trunk, and a smaller one - cut along and turns into a jaw;
  • cars, trains and other equipment can be created using young zucchini: cutting them with rings, we get excellent wheels that can be fastened with toothpicks;
  • pumpkin is an ideal vegetable for the formation of baskets serving as the basis of vegetable compositions.

The benefits of fruit and vegetable creativity

Such a hobby is most often chosen by people who are creative and not ordinary. Work on composition of fruits and vegetables can improve thinking and develop imagination.

Children have classes to create still lifes andcarving can develop perseverance, attentiveness, sensory abilities. This pastime is an excellent alternative to cartoons and computer games.

And in the end, one can not help but recall the enormous aesthetic pleasure that autumnal compositions from vegetables bring simply when they are viewed.

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