How to tie a bag crochet? Ideas for inspiration and an uncomplicated master class

Once upon a time, the very combination of the words "knitted bag"was associated only with a string bag - an invariable attribute of a Soviet housewife. But today, when handmade products finally get deserved popularity, handbags, knitted with crochets and hooks, occupy their worthy places in closets and cloakrooms. Today, a knitted bag can be found not only on the beach, but also in the city, besides, the summer has ceased to be the only season suitable for this accessory. It's quite easy to tie a bag with a crochet. Even a schoolgirl can master this task, which has learned the pattern "column with a crochet".

Bags, crocheted, with diagrams and descriptions

bags crocheted with patterns

1. Striped bag on one handle

The main pattern is a column with a crochet. To tie a bag with a crochet, you will need a cotton yarn of 4-8 colors, the total weight is about 150 grams. Suitable, for example, "Jeans" from YanArtr. It is possible to use the rest of the yarn, the main thing is that all the threads are of the same thickness and blend well with each other. For the above-mentioned yarn, hook number 2.5 is suitable. We knit a chain 30-40 cm long, depending on the desired width of the product. The next row - columns with a crochet. We knit in a circle, changing the thread to a new color on one of the side seams. When the bag reaches the desired height, we tie one circle with a column without a crochet and cut the thread. The handle can be made of leather (for example, an unnecessary belt or belt), but you can also crochet and sew. As a fastener we use a large button or velcro.

how to tie a bottom bag to a crochet

2. Bag with round bottom

To create such a bag, you will need yarn fromflax, bamboo, coarse cotton, hook at least 3.5 and a handful of wooden beads. Here, special attention should be given to how to tie the bottom of the bag. Hook typing 10 air loops, close the ring. We send 20 columns without a crochet into the resulting circle, and then we knit in a circle, making the following increments: the first row in each second loop, the 2nd row in each third row, the third row in each fourth loop we knit 2 a column with a crochet, and the rest - one by one. Add until the diameter reaches the desired size. Then we continue knitting without adding to the desired height. If desired, you can make multi-colored stripes and decorate the bag with beads.

How to tie a bag for a cold season?

Summer bags open a huge space forcreativity. They can be variegated and monophonic, noble-lacy or completely frivolous - to match summer clothes. But to a strict coat, coat and even the most provocative puhovichku not suitable for any bag. Therefore, if we want to create an accessory for autumn or winter, we will take into account several rules:

  • bags for the cold season is not accepted to knit from fine yarn. The same threads as for a winter scarf, gloves will do;
  • there must be a lining;
  • for decoration is quite acceptable natural or artificial fur, large beads, pebbles, rhinestones.

tie a bag to a crochet

With what to carry a hand-made bag?

Before you tie a bag with a crochet, it's worthDetermine whether it will fit in the wardrobe. Lovers of Boho style can safely supplement such a thing with any image of their own. For those who love jeans and denim jackets, a knitted bag is also a good fit. But with a business suit, it's better not to combine such an accessory. It is unlikely that it will suit sportswear. And with knitted coats and jackets, it is better not to carry such a bag at all. But all this is only general advice, which, of course, involves exceptions. The main thing is to follow the sense of measure in all things and not to change your style.

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