Crossed purl loop: how to knit beautifully

Let's consider in more detail knitting by purlcrossed loop. The use of crossed (wrong or facial) loops makes it possible to greatly increase the number of patterns connected on the spokes. They can also be used as the main elements. The fabric thus leaves a little more dense.


crossed purl loop how to knit

You will need:

  • Needles in the thickness of the thread.
  • Knitting.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to tie a wrong crossed loop. So, we will learn.

Crossed purl loop: how to knit. The first way

Type an arbitrary number of loops for the sample. The cloth is rarely knitted only by crossed backs, usually this kind of loops is used in combination with others. If you need a version of garter stitch, which is made with crossed loops, it is better to knit it with the front ones, which are done like this: remove the edge, enter into the loop the right knitting needle, which is at the moment on the edge, from right to left. The working thread must be at work all the time. Right knitting need to grab it, pull it to the front. Discard the loop of the previous row, as in knitting ordinary loops.

That's how the crossed purl loop turns out. How to knit unceasingly? To do this, when working on the wrong crossed loops, the working thread must be used all the time. From the back of the usual loop, the crossed one differs in that the right-hand needle is introduced from left to right into the loop. That's why this type of loop is also called "purl back". This name is found in some old publications on knitting. Insert the right spoke into the loop from left to right. The working thread must be located on the left-hand spoke. It must be seized, pull the loop to the front. Relieve the loop from the previous row.

The second way

how to tie a wrong crossed loop

Crossed purl loops - how to knit heranother way? Remove the edge loop, position the working thread in front of the left knitting needle. The right knitting need to be entered from right to left in the loop in the same way as you do when knitting ordinary purl loops. Move the working thread to the end of the right knitting needle. Translate to the right knitting needles, extend on the front side.

It is not more difficult than the ordinary one, it is createdcrossed purl loop. How to knit faster? At its implementation is spent a little more time, as a result of the process of knitting slightly slows down. Therefore, when performing a smooth cloth with crossed loops only one kind is knit. Often facial - crossed, and purl - ordinary (although you can and vice versa). The figure is dense, but it does not execute faster than ordinary stocking.

Differences from an ordinary purl loop

If a simple purl is tied over the right half of the loop, then crossed - a scruff in the back: behind the left half of the loop. It's uncomfortable to knit, so crossbones can not be confused with standard loops.

In view of the fact that the placement of the loop on the spokesturns out to be different, the variant of knitting a crossed loop is not the only one, there are as many as four of them. In addition, and the capture of the thread can be carried out in different ways - counter-clockwise and clockwise.

There are two variants of knitting by the wrong crossloops. We knit the loop of the inferior cross knit by the front part of the loop. If you take a closer look, you can find that the crossed loop does not appear in the current row, but in the previous row. On the other hand, when the work thread is gripped, it will be positioned differently (on the right spoke).

Since now we are able to knit different crossed loops, we show for comparison two examples of facial smoothness.

knitting of the wrong crossed loop
One of them is connected by crossed ones, and the other by ordinary loops. The difference is obvious.

knitting of the wrong crossed loop

When knitting crossed purl loops, the threadis always at work. The right needle should be moved to the left on the loop to the left from the left (it is taken by the rear wall), grab the thread in the direction of the arrow and pull the loop to the wrong side. Then, on the right spoke, the last loop must be left, and the loop of the previous row from the left spoke is discarded.

The French method of tying out crossedpurl: the thread is placed in front of the right knitting needle. The working thread is located to the right of the loop, the tip of the right knitting needle must be inserted into the first loop under the thread from right to left. We grasp the thread on the index finger (above the knitting needle) from left to right, hold it and tie it through the first loop from itself (the cross-branched French method corresponds to the knitting of an ordinary purl loop, described at the very beginning of the article). Note that knitting with crossed loops gives the fabric greater elasticity.

What is interesting crossed loop?

Of course, the fact that with her help make the required reduction in knitting. In this case, the place of reduction is almost imperceptible.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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