How to make a collage? Creating photo collages

More than 40 years ago, Eldar Ryazanov forcedof the inhabitants of the USSR to reflect on how monotonous their cities, streets and even apartments look. Today, a huge selection of furniture and decoration materials allows you to realize in your home any design. However, often the owners feel that the interior lacks individuality. In this case, the best solution is to decorate the rooms with photos. They can be inserted into a beautiful frame or simply hung on the walls. However, it will be much more interesting to look at a collage of photographs. How to create it, this article will tell.

collage of family photos

What is a collage?

The name itself came from the French wordcoller, which translates as "gluing". In the visual arts, a collage is understood as a technique that involves the joining together in one work of dissimilar elements that differ in color, texture, material and content by gluing them onto the substrate.

Before you learn how to make a collage, you need to find out what materials are required. It can be:

  • colored paper;
  • plastic;
  • canvas;
  • transparencies;
  • bright fabric;
  • wood;
  • cardboard.

There are different ways to create collages. Let's consider some of them.

Photo collage on canvas

There are no restrictions on the shape and dimensions of suchcompositions. It is permissible to use not only images, but also products belonging to one particular subject. For example, a collage of photographs of the rest at sea can be supplemented with seashells. Suitable also are dried starfish, décor in the form of an anchor, etc. You should also pay attention to the choice of the frame for the collage. For example, instead of it you can use a thick rope.

family photo collage for gift

Photo collage with inscriptions

Such a composition is usually performed as a gift forin any case. Learn how to make a collage of this type, many wish. After all, with the help of such a presentation it is possible to show the hero of the day or his intended person his attitude.

Consider how to make a collage with the inscription step by step:

  • Selection of the theme of the composition. It can be very different, from a family trip to a love story and just photos of children and parents made at the happiest moments of their lives.
  • Choice of materials. In addition to photographs, you need to pick up decor items and even ordinary things that you can find unexpected use and use as an ornament of the composition.
  • Work on the collage. At this stage, you will have to be patient and careful to have an ornament for the house, which would not be embarrassing to hang on the wall.
collage as a gift to a colleague

How to make a collage in stages?

Making such a decor for the house is done in several stages, the first of which is the preparation of the basics.

In this capacity, you can use any material, from whatman to the figure carved from wood.

Most often, photos are pasted onto cardboard or heavy paper, as they are then easier to sign or decorate with painted frames.

A good solution may be the use of foam. This will help to fix the help of the buttons and change them if there is such a desire or need.

A real work of art is obtained if you use a panel of wood or a trunk section.

collage of photos in the frame


Correct choice of the dimensions of the base has an importantvalue. After all, if it is too big, the photo collage will look "poor", and on too small a space it will be difficult to place all the images that you want to include in the collage.

In order to choose the right dimensions,decompose all the photos and decor elements on a smooth surface the way they should look in the end. Then only you can cut out the base of the desired shape, according to the figure you want to get.

The final stage will be painting the surface or polishing it and coating it with varnish, depending on the material chosen to fix the photo on it.

Option with clippings from the magazine

To create such a collage you need to have at your fingertips:

  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • glue,
  • clean rags;
  • polyethylene protective film.

In addition, depending on which decor option you choose, additional materials such as buttons, beads or coins that are available in any home may be required.

Collage in "Photoshop"

In our century of advanced computer technologies forCreate a collage you can use special programs. One of the most famous is "Photoshop". This software product is installed on many PCs, and it can be used by anyone who has elementary skills in working with office packages.

Create a photo collage on the computer simply and because,that most people store their pictures digitally. In addition, "Photoshop" allows you to add various effects and edit the shortcomings of images.

Collage in Photoshop: step-by-step instruction

  • We open the photo, which we want to use as the basis for the composition.
  • Slightly reduce its sharpness using the "Gaussian Blur" filter.
  • We open the first photo.
  • Select using the "Control" "A" key combination.
  • Copy to the clipboard by pressing "Control" "C".
  • We paste into the future collage by pressing the "Control" "V" combination.

All the same can be done with the "Place" button. In this case, the photo can be scaled without losing quality, as they will become smart objects.

If you want the photos to be in the form of a circle, an ellipse or another shape, then you need:

  • turn off visibility of selected photos;
  • Put the desired figures by the number of photo images in the right places of the background;
  • add a Stroke style;
  • enable visibility of photos;
  • make them a clipping mask;
  • Move the photo in the frame to the desired location on the background and change the scale.
photo collage on PC monitor


In any family where a baby is growing, there are manyphotos. Of course, you can store them in albums. However, it will be more interesting to create from them a couple of original children's collages in a traditional way or on a computer.

By the way, you can combine these two options. To do this, create a "panel" in "Photoshop", print out in full size on the printer and decorate with decorative elements depending on the chosen theme.

It is also important to choose the right frames for the collage, which should be combined in color and with the color of the wall, and with the theme and coloring itself photopan.

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