Beautiful things with their own hands. Decoupage caskets

Today we will talk a little about caskets. They are so necessary for any woman to store threads and needles, favorite ornaments, or, perhaps, priceless letters and postcards, as in the last century. Oh, what am I talking about? Letters to the century of SMS? Well, let's just pin and pins.

Decoupage caskets

So, how would you personally choose a casket for yourself, beloved? Carved, in pink or mahogany? A good choice, I approve. But carved boxes are very expensive and not everyone can afford.

So let's set realistic goals, consider something more budgetary. For example, the boxes are wooden, without carving and varnish, or lacquered, in the style of Palekh and Khokhloma.

What? Do not you like what everyone can freely buy in the store?

Do you want something unique, exclusive, unique in the world? Yes, no problem, we'll do it ourselves! After all, the art of decoupage has long been strong

Caskets made of natural wood
took a worthy place in our life with you.

Decoupage caskets can be made in the modern version, or as a stylized antique.

For the second option, in addition to conventional materials, an additional special lacquer varnish is required, and in general
the sequence of actions will be the same.

We take the item that we will decorate.

This can be a simple wooden box-workpiece, or an old casket, which we will present a new look, or just a strong cardboard box, because nothing more suitable was found.

Carved caskets
So, we begin to create. Decoupage caskets begin with its preliminary preparation.

If the thing is old, then it is better to clean the surface with sandpaper and sand it lightly.

Especially if it was varnished, because the surface should be well adhered to the ground.

The new surface is simply degreased, for example, with acetone. Then the prepared surface is covered with acrylic primer using a conventional paint brush.

Decoupage caskets
The primer resembles a paint, only a little thicker. If suddenly you did not manage to find it - there is no big trouble, you can use acrylic paint in 2-3 layers. Everyone needs to dry well.
If you do not have the patience to wait until the layer dries completely, use a conventional hair dryer to dry it.

So, decoupage of the box passed its first stageThe soil is dry, you can move on. Prepare the decor and lacquer. As a decor you can use three-layer paper napkins, special decoupage cards or just pictures and even old photos. Pictures and photos should be soaked in a plate with warm water, and then carefully "rolled" from their underside of excess paper to leave a very thin outer layer. Remove the top layer from the napkins. And from the decoupage map cut out individual motifs with sharp scissors.

Now you need to arrange the prepared elementsdecor on the future casket as you want. You can paste one large picture on the lid, and just paint the sides with acrylic paint. This option is especially suitable for decoupage with a photograph. You can decorate the entire visible surface, it's a matter of your imagination and taste. In the end, we cover the finished product with acrylic lacquer in 2 layers. Decoupage of the casket is complete. True, it turned out very beautifully?

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