How to make furniture from paper: with your own hands?

When a child has a doll, pretty soonevery kid begins to think about the arrangement of a dwelling for her. With the modern development of the production of toys in the store for your favorite doll, you can buy almost any furniture or just a whole house. However, it will be much more fascinating to equip all objects made with their own hands. To do this, do not need any special skills or expensive materials, like plywood, wood, metal or plastic. You can just arm yourself with glue, scissors and paper. And how to make furniture from paper for dolls, we will consider in this article.

How to make doll furniture from paper

Today there are many ways of making paper furniture. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most famous of them.

  • Origami technique.
  • Manufacturing of furniture according to the drawings.
  • Bonding by color schemes.
  • Weaving from paper strips or tubes.
  • Use matchboxes as a "building" material.
  • Manufacturing of furniture from corrugated cardboard.
  • Painted furniture.
  • Manufacture of paper furniture from combined materials.
  • Papier-mache furniture.

Although all these techniques are different, they use oneand the same material - paper and cardboard derived from it. Whichever of them was chosen, one rule always applies to all: making doll furniture requires special care and attention, because it is almost a piece of jewelry.

Requirements for paper for toy furniture

Considering the question of how to make furniture from puppet paper with your own hands, it is worth remembering that each of the ways of making has certain requirements for paper.

Almost all of the above methods require a thick paper from 90 g / m2. It should bend well and do not exfoliate at folding points. However, for origami, paper needs less dense, capable of transferring reusable flexion and retaining a beautiful appearance.

The same requirements apply to cardboard. By the way, for making furniture from it, you can use both ordinary office cardboard and packing corrugated cardboard.

If the doll furniture will be made by the papier-mâché method or to roll, old newspapers or magazines will suit the quality of the supplies.

How to make furniture from paper with your own hands: origami

The simplest method of manufacturing furniture that does not require special skills, materials, and most importantly time - is origami (the art of folding paper figures).

how to make furniture from paper with your own hands origami

All you need is a square paper sheet and a diagram of how to fold it correctly. No glue and scissors for origami is needed (if this, of course, is not a modular subspecies).

Making doll furniture in this way is worthfirst practice on paper from a notebook in mathematics (because of the cells it will be easier to fold). And, having mastered this technique, make a table, chair or something else from special paper.

Schemes of how to make a chair, table and sofa using the origami technique

As an example of how to make furniture frompaper by hand (in stages) below are three schemes for origami. The size of the finished product folded for each of them depends on the size of the sheet. Having practiced several times, it will not be difficult to calculate it with respect to the growth of the doll.

The first diagram shows the technique of making a paper table.

how to make paper furniture by hand in stages

It would be nice to add a chair to the made paper table. How to do this is depicted in this diagram.

how to make furniture for dolls with their own hands made of cardboard and paper

Instead of a paper chair, in addition to the table it is not bad to use a sofa, assembled according to the scheme shown below.

how to make furniture for dolls from paper without glue

How to make furniture for dolls from paper without glue

Besides origami, there is another way of makingpaper furniture without glue. However, in this case, you can not do without scissors. They will need to cut the doll furniture according to the scheme. Then you need to fold it.

how to make furniture for dolls from paper without glue

The chair or plate made in this way looks more elegant than origami products. But creating furniture in this way, you need to carefully cut and fold it so as not to spoil it.

how to make furniture from paper

For printing such schemes, it is best to use paper with a density of about 100 g / m2.

The finished product can be painted to your liking.

Manufacture of doll furniture from color schemes

In the old days, almost in any bookstoreit was possible to purchase paper sets-houses for carving. Follow the instructions, using scissors and glue from them to get a charming doll house or a palace with furniture.

how to make furniture from paper

Knowing the basics of working with any graphiceditors and the principles of constructing such schemes, you can easily make similar blanks. If making a whole palace for a doll is not included in the plans, it would not be bad to create a closet, chair or bed and, having unpacked them, make for your favorite vintage furniture. Needless to say, this method is suitable only for laser printing, since inkjet, although more colorful, but when in contact with water it can swim or simply burn with time.

As for the choice of glue for this furniture, it is best to use double-sided adhesive tape or clerical pencil. It is also acceptable to use an adhesive gun, but very carefully.

Weaving from paper tubes, as one way of making doll furniture

Weaving is a rather ancient and popular speciesneedlework. Today, he is experiencing a new revival. However, modern masters are increasingly using wicker not paper, but paper tubes or tapes. The finished product is painted, and then covered with varnish and in this form is able to serve for many years.

Choosing a way for yourself how to make furniture frompaper with your own hands for Barbie, it would be nice to take advantage of this: today the tendency to use wicker made of paper furniture in their homes is becoming more and more fashionable.

how to make furniture from paper for dolls

Among the advantages of this technique is the elegance and strength of the finished furniture, as well as its realism. In addition, the materials will be cost-free, because these are unnecessary old newspaper or magazine sheets.

But among the minuses - to make doll furniture in this way, you must first learn the technique of weaving, as well as have a certain scheme.

how to make paper furniture with your own hands
But, having learned to create toy tables, wardrobes or chairs for Barbie, it would be nice to try your hand at making furniture of human dimensions.

Matchbox furniture

Among the most used materials formaking puppet furniture matchboxes. In fact, they serve as bricks for creating tables, chests of drawers, beds, etc. And if some masters simply glue the finished product with colored paper or cloth, others decorate the furniture from matchboxes with the help of decoupage, giving the product a realistic look.

To make sure that from the matchbox you canmake a very beautiful furniture for the doll, below is a master class for making a toy chest of two boxes of matches. For its implementation, you will also need office paper, black and white paint, double-sided adhesive tape, sandpaper and two beads.

how to make furniture from paper

In this way it is possible to successfully make also wardrobes, desks and kitchen furniture. The main thing is to have a lot of matchboxes in stock.

Furniture for dolls from cardboard

Today, a fairly popular method is,which tells how to make furniture for dolls with their own hands made of cardboard and paper. This way is made not only furniture, but whole doll houses.

how to make furniture from paper

For this method, it is most rational to use corrugated cardboard, the source of which can be any box from the premise or some household appliances.

Most often furniture from this material is pastedpaper or cloth, sometimes paint. However, in recent years, ecostyle has become very popular. Following him, the furniture from corrugated cardboard is not painted, but is left as it is. In this case, do not forget: if on the front side of the box there was something printed or written, it needs to be re-arranged so that the picture remains hidden inside the product.

It should be noted that the manufacture of this modular furniture from corrugated cardboard is becoming quite a popular trend in the modern world.

how to make furniture from paper
However, it is not very durable, but is affordable and environmentally friendly, unlike plastic, and is easily disposed of or transported when moving.

Painted furniture

Choosing how to make furniture from paper, do not underestimate the simplest ways. One of them is simply to draw furniture on paper or cardboard and place it in a dollhouse.

Of course, with the voluminous furniture made according to any of the above methods, the painted decoration of the house can not be compared, but as an option it is quite suitable for beginner doll house designers.

how to make furniture from paper

By the way, in addition to paper, you can draw on corrugated cardboard. It is noteworthy that some modern designers are beginning to use the method of partial hand-drawn furniture for the decoration of these houses.

how to make furniture from paper

Combined furniture: master class, to create delicate paper chairs and a cup for coffee

Imagining how to make furniture from paper, do not neglect to combine it with various improvised means, for example, with paper boxes from chips or cups of coffee.

For example, from a small box in the shape of a cylinder will come out an excellent cradle for the doll's baby.

how to make paper furniture with your own hands for barbie

And from a paper coffee cup in combination with paper strips for a quilling you will get a very elegant puppet chair.

how to make furniture from paper
The seat and legs are cut from the bottom of the cupthe future chair. Two cotton swabs are glued between the legs to add stability. As a material for the back of the chair, the remaining paper from the cup will fit. Strips for quilling are suitable for decorating the seating with weaving, as well as for the manufacture of graceful curls on the legs and back of the product.

Papier mache

Among the many ways how to make furniture from paper, the papier-mache technique (use of mass from paper and glue for molding) stands apart.

Most often this method is done by masks orsome figures, however, and for doll furniture, it is quite suitable. As well as weaving from paper tubes, the papier-mache technique is very economical, but it is simpler.

Furniture made in this way must haveskeleton and dry well before it is covered with paint or varnish. By the way, if you add a little gypsum in paper dare, the product will become much stronger.

how to make furniture from paper for dolls own hands

Each of the above ways, likemake furniture from paper, in its own unique. Some are complex, others are more simple in execution. But whatever one of them was chosen, the main thing is to put your soul into your work. Then the result is sure to please, and the favorite children's doll will have the best house in the world.

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