How to pack a flower or a bouquet with your own hands?

Flowers - a universal gift for any lifehappening. No celebration can do without a bouquet, whether it's an anniversary or a wedding, a professional holiday or International Women's Day. Flowers for the composition are chosen taking into account preferences and depending on the celebrated date. Presentable appearance of the composition depends not only on the ingredients, but also on how to pack a flower or bouquet.

how to pack a flower

Types of packaging materials

The most common way to pack a bouquet- wrap the flowers in wrapping film. Roses, carnations and chrysanthemums turn into a thin film decorated with ornament, or transparent. Fasten the film with beautiful fluffy folds, using an adhesive tape and a stapler. Thanks to this simple technology, even from three modest flowers you can create a real masterpiece. How to pack a flower or a bouquet? It is necessary to rewind the stems at the base of the bouquet to simulate an additional volume, and add palm branches and gypsophila to the inflorescences.

how to pack a flowers master class

Popular bouquets, for decoration of whicha floral grid is used. Packing from this material ensures the safety of the bouquet during transportation, because the mesh is a rather strong folding frame. These qualities of the material allow you to create voluminous compositions.

How to pack a flower or a bunch of delicate inflorescences? The classic option is to use a wide satin ribbon, encircling the stems in 2-3 girths or completely draping the bottom of the composition. Of the fabrics are used thin organza, fleece, sometimes - lace in combination with thick paper of contrasting color.

Corrugated paper gives the flower composition a special lightness and brittleness, but it is very easy to accidentally spoil it.

pack flowers yourself

As a wrapper, dense leaves and greens are used - the flowers look organic, the bouquet can be put in a vase of water immediately, without disturbing the order of location.

How to pack flowers: a master class

The type of material for decoration is selected independing on what kind of flowers are used. For pink lilies we take double-sided wrapping paper. The square, whose side is twice as long as the bouquet, is folded in half in a drawing downwards, we put flowers in such a way that the stems remain below the paper.

wrap the lilies
Carefully wrap the flowers on both sides, tie with a pink ribbon.
zagninaem paper side

A beautiful and tidy bouquet is ready!

we fix with a ribbon

How to pack a flower originally?

Simple mate-rial materials can be madean unusual work of floristic art, if you approach creativity creatively. For the decoration of white roses we use burlap, ropes and wooden buttons - we will get original bouquets for brides!

how to pack a flower originally

An interesting combination, is not it?

roses decorated with burlap

Florists note that the current trend of the lattertime - minimalism and naturalness of materials for decorating flowers. The usual postal paper used for packing parcels, combined with ribbons and organza, emphasizes the beauty and freshness of garden and field flowers.

tulips in the package: charm and charm

Everyone can beautifully pack flowers, as the creative process requires only accuracy and sincerity, and the rest will be completed by your imagination!

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