The original brooch from beads is always in vogue!

Fashion is peculiar to return. Once upon a time, even with our grandmothers, such decorations were much more respected. They were always considered the central part of the whole outfit and amazed with their splendor. Now the brooch from beads has again become very popular. Her pinned on dresses, jackets and even handbags. Brooches made of beads are able to give a new sound to the most common and ordinary thing and cope with this task much better than any other jewelry. Nothing will revive the outfit like a brooch made of beads. Schemes here are not necessary, on the contrary, in this work it is necessary to show your personal fantasy as much as possible. There should be many similar accessories. So why not get the most out of the creative process, as well as save a lot of money and time and not create gorgeous brooch from beads yourself?

To perform this work, two typeswire - thick, for the frame, and thin, to perform the rest of the weaving. Also, nippers and pliers are needed to cut and form the necessary curls. Any stone, multi-colored beads and beads can serve as an ornament. Everything, that only is near at hand. And of course, when creating a brooch from beads, you need to stock yourself with an English pin.

Having prepared everything you need, you can proceedthe creation of brooch from beads. Schemes or basic ideas must first be reproduced on paper in order to follow them roughly. The main thing in this work is the creation of a base of thick wire, on which the other ornaments will be fastened. Its configuration can be performed in the form of anything. Bending wire can give it a shape, for example, a treble clef, or just a flower. The main thing here is to bend the ends of the wire well, so that later they could not catch on to the clothes. Having achieved the necessary configuration of the base, you can start decorating the brooch from the beads. To do this, it is necessary to fix one end of a thin wire on it and thread various beads and beads on it, braid the frame. In doing this work, the thin wire must be tightened tight, so it will not only decorate the brooch from the beads, but also give its design even more rigidity. All ornaments are only rolled on one side, leaving the underside smooth. Smaller beads and beads are located in the lower layer, and on top are attached several large stones, giving the brooch a bright accent. The remaining end of the thin wire is cut off and well attached to the substrate. If the result of the work done is completely satisfactory, it remains to fix the safety pin on the brooch frame with a thin wire. Show all your imagination, experiment! You can cover the stones with varnish and sprinkle with sequins, or you can add elements of fabric, velvet and leather to them.

Such work will take no more than thirty minutes. Having created the first product, it will be difficult to stop. There will necessarily be new ideas and ideas that require immediate implementation. You can come up with a few basic shapes, picking up stones and beads of different colors. Then in the jewelry box there will be a lot of different brooches for any occasion and for any one. In our time there are no strict rules on this, and the only thing to be remembered about is that wearing a chic brooch from beads does not need to overload your image with additional ornaments. This product loves to be in the very center of everyone's attention and will not want to share it with anyone.

Add to your life a riot of bright colors, creating a magnificent brooch of beads, and remember that originality at all times was valued especially high!

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