Pattern of animals from felt. Original ideas for making toys

The world of childhood is replete with modern timesvarious toys and entertainment. And yet the child is happy when his mother is working on creating a gift for her child. He watches the process of making a beloved animal and waits eagerly when he takes it in handles. The pattern of animals made of felt is made simply. In this article we will look at various patterns and types of products from this material, since needlewomen pay special attention to it.

pattern of animals from felt

Why felt

This material allows you to create manyvarious products such as educational books, toys, applications for clothes, pillows, and this is not a complete list of ideas. A particularly popular is the soft zoo. Below is a pattern of animals from felt that can be used to make a child's toy.

The density of this material varies fromthin to the densest. During work, the edges of the felt do not crumble, which greatly shortens the production time. From a sheet of fabric with high density, it is enough to cut out one part and decorate as desired. In addition, the felt has bright rainbow colors and their derivative shades.

A three-dimensional product can be sewn from a thin material. The pattern of animals from felt is good in that it has a minimum of details and allows you to create bright toys in a short time.

pattern of animals from felt

Variety of products

Those who just try to sew toys out of felt,can start with a simple flat product consisting of one piece or two identical strings attached to each other. The edge treated with a hand-held decorative seam will look more original. To create such toys you will need a pattern of animals from felt with one element. It is enough to print out a template or transfer a picture from the screen to a sheet of paper, then copy the image to felt and cut it. It is possible to sew eye-pushers, to sew the features of the face with threads, and the toy is ready. If, however, between the duplicated parts, place the filler and sew the edges, then your product will acquire volume.

Often felt toys sew when creating a finger puppet theater. In this case, the lower part of the product is not pierced, leaving a hole for the finger. And also do not stuff.

Another way to develop children's memory andthinking is the creation of the alphabet. In this case, not only letters are sewn, but also animals are created in pairs to each sign. For example: Ж - giraffe, Л - fox, С - elephant and so on.

felt toys

What is the complexity

Those who have mastered the work with felt canTry to create toys from several parts. In the process of sewing these products, the elements are superimposed on each other and sewn in turn. Often, when making such toys, a dense felt of different colors is used. The filler is not used in this case.

If you paste on the back of the toymagnet, you get an original decoration on the refrigerator. You can make every detail of one animal separately and sew hard buttons. The child himself can collect the product by attaching a paw or a tail to the trunk.

animals from felt pattern patterns

Skillful needlewomen come up with various puzzles withdepicting animals. This option is more complicated than the previous one, as it requires perseverance and accuracy. And nevertheless, it has its originality and is aimed at the development of mindfulness and fine motor skills in children.

pattern of animals from felt

If you are interested in animals from felt(templates, patterns and images of which are given in the article), proceed boldly to their creation, starting with light elements. Gradually, you will master this kind of needlework and you can make your own unique toys.

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