Brooch with your hands from old buttons

A cute little thing made by own hands,can be a perfect final touch of your image. Probably, therefore, costume jewelry handmake never goes out of fashion. Such decorations are not only an expression of our individuality and taste, but also a part of that spiritual work that is usually called creativity.

Today we offer to make beautiful broocheswith their own hands from the materials at hand: pieces of cloth, old buttons, beads and beads. Conduct an audit in your handicraft casket. Perhaps, there will be found many interesting and quite suitable for our noble purpose.

A thrifty hostess always, beforethrow out clothes, cut off her buttons and put it into storage. Today, these reserves will be useful for making nice brooches in the form of a flower. To work, you need super glue, five flat buttons of the same diameter and one bigger - center, a little thin foam rubber, a piece of beautiful fabric, a ready-made fastener for a brooch and some felt.

From the big button we have to buildthe core of the flower. To do this, we cut a circle of the same diameter from the foam rubber. We paste it on the front surface of the button and wrap it with a cloth. We cut off the excess, so that there remains a small margin for the hem, and we pull the edges together with a thread, with the seam "forward with a needle". On the opposite side we paste felt to close all unnecessary. Buttons of smaller diameter are spread out in a circle, like petals of a flower, and carefully apply glue. Fix the core and press it lightly. After the glue dries, fasten the fastener to the back of the jewelry and close the joint with a piece of felt.

To make such a brooch with your own hands, you can evena small needlewoman. What is not the occupation for the summer holidays? By the way, such an ornament is great not only for clothes, but also for school backpack.

If one very beautiful large button is missing in your casket, it can be put to work. Let it become the center of a stylized floral composition.

In addition, for the manufacture of the brooch, several flat less buttons, a thin wire, a glue "Moment", a clasp will be required. To hide joints, use a piece of leather or felt.

In the small buttons we pass the wire,we draw it through the holes crosswise and twist the ends together. We make several such details with legs of different lengths. Now we fix each of them from the wrong side of the big button, having a sector or a semicircle. Close the junction and attach the clasp. As you can see, making a brooch with your own hands is not at all difficult. This will not take much time, but in the end you will get a pretty and unique thing.

Beautiful, but no longer necessary, the button may wellBecome a fastener for a chic brooch made of satin and lace. However, everything else will have to be purchased in the store. It will take a satin ribbon of two colors (one meter each), 40 cm of lace border on the basis of organza (width 7-8 cm), as well as sewing thread silk and brooch workpiece (sold in handicraft shops).

We cut a single color strip into eight parts. We fill the edges so that they do not fall off. Fold in half and stitch in pairs at an angle of about 30 degrees. Another piece of tape is divided into the same eight parts, but the segments will be a couple of centimeters shorter. Repeat all the previous operations and collect the tape on the basis, removing the protection from the adhesive surface. The result should be a two-color socket.

Lace stitching on the free edge, collect onthread and tighten. We place in the center of the brooch and fix it with the help of a button. The fact that this brooch was made by your own hands in your kitchen, you can not admit. Such an ornament is quite suitable for a design.

I must say that the process of creativity ispleasure with anything incomparable. When you make a bracelet, earrings, a ring or a brooch with your own hands, you already wear such an ornament with special pride. It is possible that over time the hobby will grow into a more serious occupation and become a matter of all life.

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