How to sew a policeman's suit for a holiday with your own hands

Costume festivals are loved by manyadults and children. It's a great way to have fun, forget about your role in everyday life and reincarnate as a different character. In this article we will consider in detail how to sew a policeman's suit for a holiday with their own hands. Such an activity is not difficult and will give you a lot of fun.

Why do you need a police suit

Modern children are selective in terms of costumes. In the stores are clothes of any characters. Most often, kids want to reincarnate in the heroes of their favorite fairy-tales and cartoons, and older children choose the look of superheroes. However, in some situations, a child's police suit may be required:

  • On the matinee, dedicated to the professions.
  • To participate in the theatrical production.
  • For the study of life situations in the lessons of safety.
  • In order for the child to better understand the features of the chosen profession.
  • For any children's events, in which a masquerade is provided.

policeman's suit

Adult people also like to change clothes andreincarnate. At some parties there is a dress code, when without a suit you simply will not be allowed. For example, a policeman's costume for Halloween will help stand out from the crowd of witches and ghosts. In addition, this is an interesting version of the reincarnation for a home celebration of the New Year or Birthday.

We make a suit with our own hands

It's not always possible to buy everything in the store. Sometimes there is no suitable size, style or just overpriced price. But to make a police suit, you do not need special creative skills. As a basis you need to take a plain trousers or a skirt, depending on what kind of image is needed - female or male. Also need a white shirt. It is better to choose a model from a dense fabric. You can choose a short or long sleeve, depending on the season and personal preferences. The shirt can be supplemented with a vest or jacket, complementing the trousers.

Sew pants, tunic and shirt yourself -there is no point. If you want, you can find a lot of styles and patterns in magazines, but you can find a suitable option in the store for an acceptable amount. If the costume is made for a child, you must carefully remove all measurements from the child before purchasing.

When you are determined - the tunic will be used,or you are limited only to the shirt, you need to decide how the shoulder straps will look. The policeman's costume for the boy allows you to beat this moment in free form. Firstly, shoulder straps can be purchased at a military goods store. Their downside is that they have a standard size that will be great for a small child. This option can be used for an adult masquerade costume. Secondly, you can make shoulder straps from cardboard.

Production of epaulettes from cardboard

The first variant of cardboard epaulets is to cut the base, the appropriate size and draw the sprockets with paint. The second option is to cut out the cardboard base, sew it with a cloth and embroider stars and stripes with threads.

police suit for the boy

Of course, the second option requires more artistic skills and time. But these epaulets look very realistic and qualitative.

Manufacturing of uniform caps

Another important detail of the policeman's costume fora boy who needs attention, is a headdress. The police and the military wear caps. Depending on the nature of the service, they may vary. Finding a small head size baby hat is problematic, so it's better to make a policeman's cap yourself. You can use an ordinary black baseball cap on which it will be enough to embroider a coat of arms or the inscription "police".

children's police suit

If you want to make a more realistica hat, a baseball cap can be used as a base. To it you need to add a fabric with embroidery. And to keep the fabric rigid, thin plastic or cardboard is used, which is inserted between the top of the baseball cap and the outer fabric.


You can complement the policeman's costume with embroidery ona jacket, a holster with a pistol or the attributes of the corresponding service. For example, the image of a DPS officer needs to be supplemented with a black-and-white baton and a bright green vest.


policewoman's costume for halloween

Thus, the police costume consists ofseveral basic parts: trousers, shirt, tunic with shoulder straps, caps, holsters with a pistol or staff member of the DPS. These items can be bought ready-made and simply put together. Or make your own and make your appearance unique author's details. In any case, making a suit with your own hands is a fascinating process.

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