How the fleece hat is sewn: master class and pattern

Fleece - a material from which it is very convenient to sew notonly toys, but also things. They are soft and warm. We suggest you learn how to sew a cap from fleece (a pattern, a step-by-step master class and recommendations).

Building a Pattern

Before you sew anything, you need to buildpattern. It can be printed or painted by yourself. The pattern of the usual cap consists of two elements: one domed and one rectangle.

how to sew a cap from a fleece pattern

To the hat was not small or, conversely,big, you need to measure your head. You can also attach your other hat to a piece of paper and circle it around the contour. Then you need to correct the lines and make a pattern.

The domed part is the main part of the fleece hat, the rectangle is the cap finish.

Sewing a hat

A detailed master-class how to sew a cap from fleece:

fleece hat

  1. The pattern for such a headdress consists of two parts, as described above.
  2. Buy two shades of fleece (for example, black and pink).
  3. Attach a pattern to the fabric and cut all the details,not forgetting to make small indents from all sides. As a result, you should get such a number: one rectangle of pink and black colors, four domed parts of pink and black hue. Remember that the pattern of rectangles should be applied to the folded cloth. After all, its length is equal to half the circumference of the head.
  4. Fold together two pieces of the corresponding shades and sew them on one side.
  5. You got two halves of black and pink flowers.
  6. Fold together the pink halves and sew them together on the sides. Do not touch the bottom.
  7. Repeat with the black halves.
  8. Turn out the blanks of the cap.
  9. Fold the ends of the black rectangle and sew them together.
  10. Do the same with the pink rectangle.
  11. Attach a black bezel from the rectangle to the bottom of the pink cap and stitch them together.
  12. Stitch together the black hat and pink bezel.
  13. Turn out the two blanks on the front side.
  14. Fold the hats together so that the seam of one rim lies against the other. Tear them together along the edge
  15. Turn out the cap.
  16. Fold one half of the cap into the other and tuck it.

Soft fleece hat with your own hands is ready!

Headgear with ears

Such a cap of fleece with ears will appeal not only to the child, but also to the adult.

to sew a cap from fleece

Instructions on how to sew such headgear:

  1. Cut out the pattern of the ear from the paper (picture 1).
  2. Pin it to a fleece folded in half, and cut out four ears.
  3. Reduce the pattern of the eyelet a little and cut out two parts for the inside.
  4. Sew together two parts of the eyelet and sew the center (picture 2).
  5. Make a pattern of the cap. In the picture above there are places where there are ears.
  6. Cut the details of the cap from the fleece fabric and sew them on the sides.
  7. Then put the ears inside and sew them to the specified places (picture 3).
  8. Turn out the headdress.

A merry fleece hat is ready!

Other variants of children's hats

Instead of ears, you can make horns or thorns of a dragon. The pattern of the hats remains exactly the same, only the removable parts change.

a fleece hat with your own hands

To sew a horn, draw on paper an elongateda triangle with a slightly raised apex. Cut out four such details from the fleece of white color and sew them together in pairs. Then unscrew the horns and fill them with any filler (for example, sintepon, holofayberom and so on). Sew the horns to the cap. To make the headdress look like a Viking helmet, use a fleece of brown or gray.

And to turn into a dinosaur or dragon,Sew a child a green hat and make thorns. For this, cut out twelve triangles from a white cloth. Sew them in pairs and fill with a sintepon or other filler. Place the spikes on the cap. They should divide it in half and remind the Iroquois. As an option, you can not sew the studs, but do it with Velcro.

Hat with ear flaps

A headpiece made of such material can be fashionable, warm and beautiful at the same time.

a fleece hat with your own hands

And now a detailed description. How to sew a fleece hat:

  1. Make a paper pattern of the cap and ears, attach it to the fabric folded in half, and circle (illustration 1).
  2. Attach the pattern of the cap to the fleece of another shade and circle it too (Figure 2).
  3. You should have two blue and white cap details and four white ones for the ears (Figure 3).
  4. Fold together two pieces of ears and sew them together (Figure 4).
  5. Unfold the white part of the cap and place the ears on top (see illustration 5).
  6. Wrap the right and left quarter of the cap (Figure 6).
  7. Sew the first workpiece (illustration 7).
  8. Fold in the same way the blue workpiece, but do not add the ears, and sew it (Figures 8 and 9).
  9. Put the blue workpiece on the white and stitch them together along the edges, leaving the holes below the "eyelets" (Figures 10 and 11).
  10. Turn out the cap.
  11. Inside the "ears" put the pieces of sintepon, so they warm up better (Figure 12).
  12. Sew the holes.

All is ready! You can sew the Velcro to the edges of the "ears" so that they do not scatter.

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