How to make an assassin costume?

The suit of the assassin is the object of the dreams of anyteenager-gambler or cosplayer. But let's proceed in order: who are the Assassins? Initially, historically, the oriental warriors were called assassins, who honed the killing skill from the very childhood.

assassin's costume
They were not in the army and were mercenaries of the highest class, which not every ruler could afford to hire.

The assassin's clothing consisted of a long, butfastened on different parts of the body of a spacious hoodie. This allowed them to move stealthily, noiselessly and quickly, without constraint of movements. But the Assassin costume has become much more popular after the release of the game Assassins Creed with its legendary characters: Altair, Ezio and Connor. Each of them had its own, individual style, based on which, you can identify the main criteria. The costume of Altair is an oriental note, lightness; Ezio Auditore - the splendor and pretentiousness peculiar to this era; Connor - maximum practicality, as well as efficiency.

Elements of the costume

But there are also common features in which the costume of an assassin from each part is somewhat reminiscent of his predecessor.

assassin's clothing

  1. Loose hoodie with long sleeves. Also a kind of murder tool: it hides the face, and knives and other weapons are easily hidden in the sleeves.
  2. Light trousers-trousers and brass belt. In all parts of the game, the costume belt was very wide and, starting from the pelvis, reached the navel.
  3. Bracers and Greaves. Armored decorative elements of clothing, consisting of light metal and having intricate patterns.
  4. Hidden blade. The killer's dagger, thanks to a thin mechanism that locks on the hand and pops up with a certain movement of the palm.
  5. Sword sword. Open-arms weapons are chosen to taste, it is best to make from a piece of holistic metal.

That's all the clothes that you needto make in order for you to get a realistic costume assassin. Do not forget about the little things! After all, they are the ones that add such charm and attraction.


buy an assassin costume

Whatever you say, and buy an assassin costume is mucheasier than making it yourself. First, ateliers sewing clothes, specialize in this and have the right equipment. Secondly, you will spend much more time and work, but if you do not have experience, then the quality of the costume will leave much to be desired. And, finally, thirdly, carnival dresses of this type are not so expensive, and if you look, you can quite find what you need, literally within five thousand rubles. Agree that, given the quality (yes, yes, Chinese manufacturers are able to do qualitatively) and the performance of all mechanisms, it's worth it.


Do you strive to make cosplay or justyou want to become the owner of the costume of your favorite character - it is not so important how important the impressions that you get in abundance, by making or buying the desired costume and for the first time trying it on. It is difficult to imagine and even more difficult to convey all those emotions that seem to momentarily take you to a game where the main character is not Ezio and not Altair, but you!

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