Sweet lamb: how to make your own hands

The lamb of sweets is an unusual sweet gift,which can be done quickly and easily. There are several ways to create this kind of toy with your own hands. Let's consider two variants: a lamb from foyamiran and from napkins.

A lamb of candies: a master class to create a toy from fameirana

Foamiran is a plastic material reminiscent offeel soft and dense suede. This material easily changes shape under the influence of high temperature, therefore it is often used by needlewomen to create various ornaments and toys. The color scale and special plasticity make it possible to produce inflorescences that are close in appearance to natural ones, dolls and figurines of animals. In the master class "lamb chocolates" we will use several shades of fomiran: pink or solid for the muzzle and legs lamb, beige for the ears and brown for the hoofs and nose.

lamb chum with own hands

The following materials and tools will also be needed for work:

  • foam or polystyrene foam;
  • wooden skewers;
  • organza of white color;
  • glue gun;
  • iron;
  • corrugated paper of white color;
  • sandpaper;
  • stationery knife;
  • artificial eyes;
  • candies;
  • wire;
  • coins of 5 and 10 rubles;
  • Scotch.

At the first stage of creating lamb from candyhands will make a blank for the head. To do this, we take a piece of a penopolix with a width of 5 cm and cut a piece of material with a sharp knife, giving the base a pear-shaped shape. Then, using sandpaper, remove the rough parts.

lamb of sweets photo

Now you need to take a fame in flesh-colored,intended for the head, heat it on the iron and quickly pull it onto the workpiece, smoothing all the irregularities. The edges of the material are fixed in the neck with an adhesive gun.

How to make a trunk and legs for lamb

The next stage is the formation of the trunk. From the penoplex, cut out a 10 x 12 cm bar 5 cm thick for the body and a small piece 1 x 2 cm for the neck of the lamb. We wrap the blanks in corrugated paper. The front and rear hoof figures must be of different sizes, therefore, using the coins, we mark two pairs of circles and cut out the blanks 1 cm high. Then they need to insert wooden skewers 8 cm long. Again, heat the fame amid the light shade and wrap around the legs. Separately from the brown material, we cut out the hoof strips and attach them with an iron.

Make out a muzzle

From beige and white fonimiran we cut out twobillet for ears of different sizes and connect them. To make a lamb of sweets a bulging nose, cut out the workpiece brown and heat it on the iron until it decreases. Slightly stretch and paste to the muzzle. Then add the eyes. From the thin section of the brown foamiran, we form a smile. Horns are made of wire, braiding them with corrugated paper. We connect all the pieces of lamb from sweets, gluing them to each other.

Hairstyle for lamb

Now you need to arrange the head of the figure. This can be done by cutting the organza into squares of 7 x 7 cm and folding each of them several times in half and gluing the edges together to make the curls. You can use the technique of Kanzash and arrange the head lamb, folding the round petals and fixing them with a lighter or a candle. In total, about 40 such blanks will be needed. Curlets for the trunk need to be made larger. To do this, cut the squares 35 x 35 cm and twist them with a spiral. The edges need to be glued on wooden skewers and inserted into the trunk at a short distance from each other. Between them on an adhesive tape we fasten round sweets - and the original gift is ready! The muzzle of the toy can be shrouded in blush.

sword of sweets

Sheep napkin

Another way to create a figurine is to use thetechniques of papier-mâché. The body for the lamb from sweets can be made their usual newspaper, rolling out a dense ball from it and wrapping it with scotch tape. For the feet you need a foam or a floral sponge, from which the workpieces are cut in the same way as in the previous version. Then all parts of the body need to be pasted with napkins, for this purpose PVA glue is used. The trunk is decorated with corrugated paper, small florets are twisted from the separated napkins and are glued to the body. Then candies are fastened. It remains to make horns and draw eyes - and the figure is ready.

lamb chops from the master class

Decoration options can be changed usingfor the design of the trunk thread, artificial flowers or pieces of bright cotton fabric. A figurine with sweets is a wonderful present for a child on his birthday. Such a lamb of candies in the photo with the birthday boy will look unusual and will give a lot of positive emotions to children and adults.

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