Tips for women of fashion: a summer skirt with their own hands

In the summer, with its warm, and often quitehot weather, I want to dress accordingly: easily, freely and at ease. What's not like a skirt worn sultry summer denechki? This garment is extremely feminine, besides it is comfortable to carry the heat. The skirt helps to emphasize all the pluses of the figure and hide its minuses. It is important to choose the right style and material.

summer skirt with your own hands

Models of summer skirts are distinguished by a largediversity. This is an eternal mini, which is chosen by young and slender girls, especially popular jeans models. And this is completely justified, because this part of the wardrobe is very convenient and practical. Still at the peak of popularity skirts-maxi or "on the floor," as they are called. Such models are chosen by fashionable women who form the style of the fatal beauty in their image. Classic pencil skirts and just midi-length are also relevant. The styles of "tulip" or "barrel", "god" are not for everyone, so they are less common. Models "sun" and "half-sun" - a perfect version of the skirt for women.

skirts for ladies summer

Summer fabrics

For a hot season it's better to choose chiffon,satin, staple, cambric, lace and other natural fabrics. Allowed a small amount of synthetics, but from completely artificial materials it is better to refuse, so as not to feel like in a sauna.

Summer skirt with your own hands? Just!

Those who can sew, it is much easier to choose yourselfclothes. After all, the possession of the necessary skills of cutting and sewing allows you to construct almost any thing. In this case, the model will accurately fit the figure, and it will not have to be adjusted or sewed. For those who only try themselves as seamstresses, it is possible to propose to make a simple model. So, the summer skirt with your own hands will be on an elastic band, slightly flared, and the length can be adjusted to your liking. First of all, you need to determine the size of the fabric. As a rule, the canvas has a width of 120-150 cm. The length should be taken equal to the length of the skirt plus 15 cm to the waist and the hem of the bottom. As a pattern, you can use one of your things, which is just right and sits well. Given the necessary allowance for the lapel from below, cut off the skirt of the skirt. Sew on both sides side cuts. It turns out "pipe" - the main detail. For the belt, cut off the strip, equal to the hips and 5 cm, fold, sew, pre-insert the elastic, we collect in a ring. Now you need to sew the belt to the main part. Summer skirt with your own hands can be slightly in the fold, then you need to pick up the fabric, sewing to your waist. The next step is a binder from below. the lapel should be small - 2-3 cm. The summer skirt is ready with your own hands. Belt on the elastic band assumes

models of summer skirts
wearing a skirt at home or outdoors. For more rigorous models, you need a belt and a zipper.

Color Solutions

The color of the skirts this summer is unusually bright. These are neon colors: green, pink, orange, blue. The classic is still relevant: black and white. And also beige, gray and all pastel colors. They wear skirts with "Turkish cucumbers" and gypsy motifs, polka dots and stripes of various thicknesses. Experiment and create your skirt, which no one else will have.

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