How to decorate felt boots with your own hands. How to decorate felt boots for a boy and a girl

Agree that no, even the best quality shoes, will not warm your children's legs in winter frosts better than ordinary felt boots. That's it, that's ordinary.

How to decorate felt boots
And I want so that the legs of the baby were not onlyin the heat, but also the shoes on them evoked enthusiastic views of others. How to achieve such a combination? Very simply - read this article and you will learn how to decorate felt boots for children quickly and beautifully. Ordinary gray or black felt boots look quite boring. Turn them into a unique masterpiece will help you the original and stylish ideas outlined below.

Decor ideas for little gentlemen, or How to decorate boots for a boy

You probably have seen on sale in the marketsbeautifully decorated boots. But most of them are decorated with beads and sequins. And this option does not combine with the masculine character of your crumbs. Therefore, we will consider other options for decoration, more serious. There are several stylish solutions that answer the question of many: "How to decorate felt boots?"

We make an application

For example, the decor in the style of application - like yousuch an option? Suitable for your little man? To implement it, you will need a piece of old felt or felt. And a thick needle, thread in the tone of the application or moisture resistant adhesive for the fabric. First we find a suitable picture. Best if it's just a silhouette. In the photo below, this is a bear figure, but you can choose any other one that you and the kid liked. We transfer the picture to the felt, cut it out and attach it to the felt boots with the help of thread and needle, or using glue. That's all. This is the simplest option. If you want to slightly complicate it, you can make a multi-color application of several characters or perform additional decorative elements on the top edge of the felt boots. Naturally, the complicated version will take you more time to execute, but the result will be more noticeable.

How to decorate boots for a boy
By the way, I want to note that this optiondecorating children's boots can be suitable for girls. Just change the color and shape of the application. This will help you find an easy solution regarding how to decorate boots for a girl. The main thing here is your imagination.

How to decorate children's felt boots? Universal option

Here is another original idea.Very often in the wardrobe of the child there are things made in the form of animal muzzles. It can be caps, mittens, socks and so on. So let's not forget about shoes and find out how to decorate felt boots in the same style.

All you need for this is trimmingfelts, suitable for shades to boots, paint on the fabric, needle and thread, you can also buy factory-made "eyes" and put a little imagination. You can start work.

Two examples of felt boots are shown in the photo,executed in the form of muzzles of animals. For a boy, the badger option is more suitable, for a girl - with a cat. In principle, you can choose any other animal, maybe the kid will even tell you what is more to his liking. Children's felt boots decorated with their own hands in this style will not be difficult for you.

How to decorate children's felt boots

Warlock badgers

A variant of felt boots in the form of badger muzzleimplies the use of paint. After painting, you can proceed to the fastening of the ears and eyes. To do this, you can use either glue, or needle and thread. Use what you are accustomed to. Fasten the ears on the sides of the felt boots, just below the eyes. Badger nose can be marked with paint, or make it from a piece of felt or felt.

Cat's muzzle

Valenki-kitties are made by the sameway. The only difference in the form of ears and eyes, and a nose and mustache can be embroidered using yarn for knitting. Yes, very original look and tails on felt boots. Arranging them on the back, we will get even more similar to the animal, than we will please the baby. Now you have met with one more method, explaining how to decorate felt boots.

How to decorate boots for a girl

Option for those who know how to knit

Here's another idea.But this option is suitable only for those who know how to knit. There is no need for any glue or other additional materials. Spokes and yarn - that's all you need. Choose the yarn suitable for your felt boots. For children's shoes, you can use several bright colors. Remove the measurement of the upper circumference of the felt and draw on the spokes the appropriate number of loops. For this knitting you can use two spokes or five, as you prefer. The last option is the absence of a seam on the finished fabric.

The order of performance of works

So, choose a suitable jacquard pattern (onphoto is a combination of white and gray yarns) or embossed and knit a canvas of the required length. Then it is necessary to fix it from the inner side of the felt and turn it to the front side. All - your unique boots are ready! Such it will be very difficult not to notice.

Please note that this method of decorationbaby boots is suitable for both boys and girls. It all depends on the color and pattern. How to decorate valenki, what colors to use, what width to make a lapel - decide for yourself, guided by your taste.

How to decorate felt boots

The most sophisticated in performance decor for boots

In conclusion, I want to share with you the ideadecorating boots with embroidery. If you possess enviable patience, diligence and accuracy, then you will certainly be able to translate this idea into reality.

Need needles for embroidery, silkthread and a beautiful pattern. Of course, it will be easier to carry out such work if you have the skills of embroidering with smoothness. It will only need to adjust to embroider on the felt surface. Perhaps, the first time it will not work out very well, but, getting experience and skill in the process of work, you will quickly master this technique. Agree that all the difficulties you overcome, are the end result. After all, felt boots are inherently very durable. So, not one kid can boast of your work, listening to rave reviews from others.

Boots decorate with your own hands

The easiest ideas for decorating boots

But how you can decorate felt boots for those who do not have enough time for these purposes.

The first option requires a bright yarn andthick needle. We pass a piece of yarn into a needle and on the front part of the felt boots we make an embroidery resembling a lacing (large crosses). On this you will take a maximum of 10 minutes. The ends of the completed lacing leave more authentic. We fix on them prepared brushes from the same yarn or pompons. We fasten on a bow and we wear such felt boots with pleasure.

For the second option you will need beautifulbraid or lace, rhinestones and glue. Then everything depends on your imagination. The band can be placed on the upper edge of the boots, and the rest of the surface can be decorated with rhinestones. Doing this with a glue gun is very convenient and does not take much time. But the result will not go unnoticed.

Both of these simple decor techniques will answer your question: "How to decorate boots for girls?"

And to adapt these options to masculine,you can simply change the color of the yarn in the first variant, and in the second, replace the braid and rhinestones, for example, with decorative chains and ornaments in the military style (asterisks, anchors, buckles, etc.).

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