The designer himself: how to sew curtains

Interior furnishing is a delicate andcreative, especially if you like diversity and from time to time arrange in your dwelling a reshuffle and update it. It requires not only the work of imagination, but also serious physical and material costs. However, you can save money here, if you take some details.

For example, curtains. They are selected for the color of wallpaper and furniture. And then there are three possible options: to buy new ones in the store, sew to order (but it's all expensive) or make yourself, having spent only on the material and accessories. Of course, if there is a car in the house and you are friends with her!

Preliminary briefing

So, how to sew curtains? Before you start the process, decide which curtains you need: Roman, ordinary, with lambrequins, in the kitchen or in the living room, or maybe in the nursery? With embroidery, appliques or an old good classic? This question determines, on it depends and accessories, and the kind that, as a result, the room will get, and the consumption of fabric.

The style of curtains should be in harmony with the cornice. More often than not, updating one involves buying another. Therefore, choose the type of cornice - wall or ceiling. Having measured the size of the window, get the desired cornice. And, focusing on it, think about how to sew curtains, buy material, make a pattern for yourself or choose the right one.

Working with a pattern

When working with patterns the most difficult -to understand them. You can consult with friends or search for video lessons. If you have the initial knowledge of sewing and sewing, then the question of how to sew curtains will not be a problem.

When reading the pattern, carefully reada comment. There can be specified approximate fabric consumption and tips how to combine the picture on it, if the front side is not monophonic. Note: the material will need more in this case.

It is also necessary to measure accurately andattentively. If you want to decorate the window with a lambrequin, the width of the cornice should be calculated for its width. The length of it should not exceed one-fourth the height of the room, otherwise it will be dark in the room.

The next step in how to sew curtains is to makea pattern of your future product in kind. For these purposes, those wallpapers that remained after the repair are perfect. The pattern is drawn according to the present dimensions, with the allowances of the fabric, etc. And on the paper, draw a sketch of what you should get.

In the store for shopping!

Going to the store for a cloth, grabpattern and sketch. On the spot consult with the seller about the texture of the material - which is better to look: heavy or light silk, velvet and so on. The amount is recommended to take with a margin, especially if you are not yet very confident in how to sew the curtains itself. And besides the fabric, you should buy the thread of the right color, the threads are contrasting - for the hints, chalk, pins, scissors, centimeter and so on, which you might need. This is a finishing braid and a curtain tape, with eyelets, a bead oblique and non-woven, Velcro, with the help of which curtains are attached to the cornice, as well as hooks, cords and other fittings.

We use scissors!

A very responsible step in the issue of "how toto cut the curtains, this is the cutting of the material.All the details are cut out in one day, not postponing until tomorrow.The cut is made on a large and hard surface, preferably on the floor.Draw all the necessary lines on the front side so as not to get confused in the drawing. details pin the pattern detail to understand how the final result will look, and do not forget anything.Fragments of the pattern should be carefully and accurately wrapped around the fabric, with the seams allowed in. The fabric can be cut only when it is completely outlined on and all details are taken into account.

We sit down for the typewriter

How to sew curtains itself? One of the main stages is to sweep out the "live" all the details, and in the order that is recommended in the explanations for the pattern. It is better to follow the sequence: they took two or three details, smoothed them and stitched them. Then they pulled out the thread-count, once again ironed - and are taken for the following.

It is better to scribble slowly so that the lines do not jump and go smoothly. Otherwise, we'll have to rip everything apart, which will not only make work more difficult, but also spoil the material.

Collecting the "curtain designer" is most convenient, pinning the finished product with pins on the carpet on the wall. Then you can understand what you get and where you need to fix it.

Final result

When the work is finished, the curtains are finalsmoothened, steamed. If the material is somewhat dirty, they should be rinsed, the damp material should be smoothed. Hanging curtains on the window, you can enjoy the fruits of your creativity!

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