Knitting a fashionable scarf with a snap crochet

In winter, I want so much warmth and comfort. We propose to tie the hook with your own hands. It belongs to one of the types of scarves. Snood can be worn as a large collar or as a hood. This trendy accessory will look original on you.

Snuff Scarves: Crochet

To begin with it is necessary to be defined with a material of a product. Which is better to choose?

Approach this issue seriously, since the scarfcomes into contact with gentle skin and can cause irritation. Therefore, the yarn must be non-sticky. We advise you to choose a boucle, mohair, and if you want to bind the product for spring, then choose viscose, cotton or acrylic. It is necessary to decide on the color scheme. Choose according to your color type of face.

Choosing a knitting pattern

This is an important stage of the work. It will be beautiful to look like a scarf, bound by a voluminous or openwork pattern. There are all kinds of crochet patterns crochet scarf, it is only necessary to choose. Even a simple drawing will look luxurious. We present to you a choice of several schemes.

Knitting a scarf with a crochet: a master class

For work you will need:

scarves of snoring crochet

- Yarn (two hundred grams);

- hook number 4;

- a needle;

- Diligence.


We will knit "snud" crochet guided by the following schemes:

Scheme 1. A chain of eight air hinges is typed, the connecting bars close the row. It was a circle. In the next series (there should be five of them) we make an ascent from two air loops. We continue to knit like that. Two columns with a crochet are passed in two loops of the previous row. We dial four more air and three columns with a crochet. When the series closes, make a lift to go to the next row. Continue to knit in this way the squares for the snitch.

snoring crochet master class
This scheme is suitable for beginners knitters.

Scheme 2. It will be interesting for experienced needlewomen. Six air hinges are typed, at the end make a connecting post and close the row. So, you have a circle. In the second row, type twelve columns with a crochet, alternating with air loops. The third - three columns with a crochet, tie them in each loop of the second row. Do not forget to add two air loops each time. Next to be a complex pattern, be careful! In the fourth, we make an ascent of three air loops, closing it with a half-tube, and we tie them to the nearest knot of the previous row, then we collect four more. Repeat the previous action. And close the series with three loops and half-columns. In the fifth row, three air assemblies must be used for lifting. Alternate four times: three columns with a crochet and simple loops. Knitting is coming to an end. In the final row, three air loops alternate with three bars and loops five times.

Similarly, connect the desired number of squaresaccording to the first or second scheme. As finished, proceed to assemble the product. Sew the finished squares of the desired length into one strip. Close it in the ring. Tie the edges of the scarf snd, crocheted crochet, simple column with a crochet. In the kit, you can tie a cap and mittens according to this technique.

Knit crochet is ready! With such a scarf you will always have a great mood and an amazing image. Good luck in your creative endeavors!

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