How to make a Maslenitsa doll with your own hands? The Pancake doll with your own hands. Needlework

During the vernal equinox, the Slavonic people celebrate Pancake week. This pagan holiday means the departure of winter. It existed before the baptism of Russia, when people worshiped idols.

how to make a carnival doll with your own hands

A mandatory attribute of this bingefestivities is Pancake week - a ritual doll. It represents the evil and cold winter. Therefore, after the oilseed week, it is burned, thus welcoming the arrival of spring.

Stuffed in winter

Before you make the Maslenitsa doll yourhands, you need to prepare branches, twigs, straw. And for the hair - plaited plaited fleecy linen and a headscarf. A thin trunk of birch is used as a basis. He, like straw, symbolizes the violent power of vegetation. Usually a doll for burning is made large, higher than a person. On clothes is obligatory vegetative ornament. The making of the Maslenitsa doll ends with fastening on a wooden cross and decorating it with ribbons, paper flowers.

After Maslenitsa, or pancake week, the dollburned in a forgiven resurrection, and the Great forty-day fast begins until Easter. So close neighbors of the Slavs have two great holidays - pagan and Christian.

In addition to a large stuffed, there are also small Maslenitsy for the house.

Home guardian

Before you make the Maslenitsa doll yourhands (small size), you need to prepare twigs, lace, colored scraps. Then, the branches are tied in such a way that the outstretched hands are turned out, and the head is wound around the cord. There are a lot of scraps on her, a red scarf on top.

Little Pancake week is considered a daughter or youngersister of a big doll. Its height is about 20 cm. Such a doll is a home Carnival, brightly dressed up - "lives" in a red corner. It serves as an amulet and brings prosperity and happiness.

Shrovetide doll can be made ofbranch-slingshot. The two ends are the arms raised upward. Between them is fixed a circle, symbolizing the sun, a pancake, a solstice ("turn" to add a day), fertility.

Rag Ward

Such a doll Maslenitsa with their own hands is donecompletely made of fabric or thick thread. She also protects the house and attracts luck, but only until next year, until the next Shrovetide festival, where she will be burned along with a large scarecrow. And in its place will come a new rag doll.

Doll with your own hands

The process does not take much time and effort. Before you make a Maslenitsa doll with your own hands, you need to cut the fabric with strips.

manufacture of a carnival doll

The length of one part of the strips is 10 cm (for the trunk). The other part, consisting of the same number of strips, should be 20 cm long. It is intended for the manufacture of the head and hands.

dolls carnival with their own hands

When everything is ready, you can start making Maslenitsa dolls. For this purpose, a bundle of strips intended for the trunk is tied at both ends with threads, having deviated from the edge of 1-2 cm.

dolls carnival

The other is bent in the middle and, stepping back from the placefold 2-3 cm, also tied with threads. The trunk is sewn to the resulting head with hands. The lower part of it is wrapped in a bright flap and fastened with threads.

carnival ritual doll

Now it is good to starch the doll and put a rather dense twig or wooden stick into the middle. You can tie a red scarf on your head - and the folk doll Maslenitsa is ready!


A homemade doll was used to meet a groom and a bride. In one of the days of the pancake week, when the mother-in-law was waiting for her son-in-law for pancakes, the Carnival was exhibited in the window.

People believed that such a doll protects household members from quarrels and quarrels, strengthens relations within a large family.

Kind and cheerful Carnival is still considered todayfamily holiday. He provides an opportunity for a whole week to go to each other's pancakes, and on Sunday ask forgiveness for all, cleansing his soul, and forgiving others. The mass celebration ends with a seven-day feast with eating pancakes, climbing the pillar behind boots and burning the stuffed pancake week. This ends the winter off, and spring comes into its own.

the doll circumcised the carnival

Why burn a scarecrow

The Shrovetide doll represents the cold and long winter. Therefore, when it is destroyed, people rejoice and admire. Previously, the people believed that along with the scarecrow all difficulties, bitterness and resentment also burned.

Again, the doll in the form of a hospitable, ruddy woman,treated everyone with pancakes, symbolized a comfortable and well-fed life, and, therefore, good harvests. There is a legitimate question - why then destroy it? This contradiction becomes clearer if we return to prehistoric times.

Eternal update

The ancient Slavs-pagans, in fact, celebratedthe beginning of a new agricultural year. We approached this business on a grand scale: festivities, round dances, plentiful meals, fisticuff fights. We had fun before hard work - plowing, sowing, caring for the harvest and livestock.

If you look at this side, then destructionstuffed was perceived as the idea of ​​eternal renewal. All the junk collected from all households flew to the fire: old things that had become unusable, utensils that could not be repaired, barrels, harrows, etc. It was believed that the more a fire, the faster it would be possible to start plowing. The rite of winter's wake was accompanied by ritual dances and hymns. Thus, people got rid of all the bad things that were in the past year, making room for a new, better. Ashes from the fireplace were scattered across the field for a rich harvest.

The people treated Pancake week very respectfully.Therefore, the celebrations were dedicated to her, and the effigy of winter was burnt to Morena. Later, the boundaries between the two concepts were obliterated. Now a doll for burning is called, as well as a holiday, a Carnival.

How to celebrate

Every day of the week was celebrated in its own way.

Monday. A daughter-in-law from her husband's family went to her parents,To help them in the household, as in the evening matchmakers must come to agree on the celebration of Maslenitsa. On this day, baked pancakes, built slides of snow for skating and dressed up as a scarecrow.

Tuesday. Young people are fighting for the capture of snow fortresses, rolls on the hills, soars to the Sun on a swing. And most importantly, he looks after himself a couple.

Wednesday. On this day, the son-in-law comes to visit his mother-in-law for pancakes, which are baked all kinds - buckwheat, wheat, dairy, with baking. They are fed with butter, honey, jam, caviar, salmon, mushrooms and drinks.

Thursday. Scarecrow Carnival drive through the streets, sing songs of praise, caroling. In some villages and villages, this tradition has survived to this day.

Friday. On that day the mother-in-law with all the relatives is treated with pancakes from the son-in-law, who shows how he treats them with respect.

Saturday. The daughter-in-law presents gifts of gilds-her husband's sisters. The most impatient plaque stuffed, the ashes scattered across the field.

folk doll carnival

Sunday. All of each other ask forgiveness and forgive.They remember the departed. The festivities are coming to an end, the ineffectiveness of eating and drinking. The remaining stuffed animals are burnt. To drive away the cold, bonfires are bred on the roller coaster, where they skated all week. In the evening they go to the bath.

Today, everything has moved a little, and modernthe culmination of the holiday falls on Sunday. Therefore, the people try to catch as much as possible in one day, participate in all events, eat pancakes, climb on the post for boots (boots are no longer needed) and see how Shrovetide is burning.

Instructions for manufacturing stuffed animals

Before you make the Maslenitsa doll yourhands, you need to cook everything you need. With the help of two dry wooden bars, a hammer, nails, straw, cardboard, light linen bags for hands and head, a scarf and a scarecrow dress is easy to make.

Shrovetide effigy is done in the same way as a scarecrow. Two dry bars need to be brought down by a cross: the long one is the base, the short one is the future hands.

Inflammable materials are paper and straw (dry grass). They need to be primed with string to the cross, forming the body of the doll. If there is no straw, brooms are suitable.

For the head is taken a linen bag of lightshades, stuffed with grass or paper. A bright, better red handkerchief is tied on top. If the bag was not found, then you can simply wrap the straw with white paper. The handkerchief will support the head so that it does not fall apart ahead of time, and its ends will help fix it on the trunk.

On the scarecrow is put on an old dress with longsleeves. If you want to make a doll more believable, then you can perform three-dimensional hands. To do this, you need to fill two long bags with straw and put them on the short ends of the stick, and twine your hands. You can wear a sundress on such a scarecrow.

Shrovetide, one of the few dolls that is allowed, you can draw a face. Red lips and ruddy cheeks will contrast well with the snow. Eyes, according to custom, are drawn closed.

Spits are woven from stripes of yellow fabric or paper, decorated with bright bows.

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