Tips and Tricks: How to Keep a Cue

Billiards is an entertaining game thatdistracts from worldly vanity and allows you to enter the world of green cloth and melodic tapping balls. The main thing that a beginner must master in this game is to keep the cue correctly. From these indications, the accuracy of the landmark and the impact force directly depends, which in turn affects the success of the game. The grip must be necessarily strong, but at the same time and easy, so as not to hamper your movements. What should you look at first? The first and most important thing is a carpenter or a bridge. Its position should be stable, providing a calculated point and a line of impact on the ball. In the question of how to properly hold the cue in billiards, there are two options for an answer. Namely - two stops: closed and open. Each of them has both pluses and minuses.

Open stop

With this method, the upper part of the cue (shaft) will behave the necessary stability, which will allow to put almost any blows. The disadvantages of this technique is the fixation of the cue, in comparison with the closed stop. To build an open bridge, you need to put an open palm on the table and pick it up a little. Next, you need to place your fingers wider for better stability and put a large phalanx to the index, aiming it up and sideways. Shaft cue will be located in the depression between the thumb and forefinger.

how to keep a cue

Closed stop

Closed stop is better to fix the shaft, thiswill reduce the cue's deviation in impact from the planned goal. It is carried out this way. In an open stop, sweep the cue with your index finger. There should be something like a short sign "Ok!" Inside which the cue will move forward. In this castle, the cue must be slid unobstructed, but not loose. If the glide is small, use a glove or chalk.

Now back to the question of how to correctlykeep the cue. To feel the balance in this position of the hand, it is necessary to move the cue, imitating the blows of different strength. Make sure that the fingers control the stroke line well, but at the same time do not interfere with the free running of the tool. It must be remembered that it is better to keep the right position of the wrist, which should be on one level with the forearm, and it is not necessary to bend it inside or out. In general, try to keep your hand relaxed and relaxed.

how to properly hold the cue on impact

How to properly hold the cue on impact

The technique of impact is very simple - bowforward, take this position so that the elbow of the "beating" arm is turned up, the forearm - perpendicular to it. Next, you need to fix the elbow in this position - the cue stroke will work precisely with the help of the forearm movement, it should move gently and unobstructed like a pendulum. In no case do not increase the impact by the shoulder, the hull, this will have an extremely negative impact on accuracy. It is very important at the time of the first parties to understand how to properly hold the cue in Russian billiards. It is necessary to carefully monitor the correct position of the hands and stabilize themselves steadily, not to give weakening. The whole difficulty is to initially accustom yourself to the right technique. Then you will be much more difficult to learn.

What are the cues

Cue for playing in the Russian pyramid: height - 1m 64 cm, weight from 680 to 900 gr. Billiard cues are made from a variety of types of wood:

  • Ramin (the same pine) - not entirely reliable option, but quite inexpensive material.
  • Maple.
  • Canadian maple.
  • Ash.
  • Hornbeam.
  • Expensive solid tree species (black, machaons, sandals, rosewoods).

billiard cues

Billiard cues are: inseparable, two-part, three-part. To date, a huge number of cues have appeared in the world, the shaft (which is the upper part of the cue) is covered with a fiberglass film, it is designed to protect the tree from dampness and temperature factors. As a rule, they have an almost flawless flat surface and in the future, when following the rules of operation of the tool, do not modify their characteristics.

Tips: how to improve the game of billiards

Do not compress the cue like a baseball bat, hardcovering it with the whole palm of your hand. Do not hold it just by the edges of your fingers. Most of the players easily, but firmly hold the cue with the thumb and forefinger. Other one or two phalanges easily support the cue from below. Talent, years of intensive training, purposeful will to win will help to compensate for any technical inaccuracies. And those who do not have the opportunity to often be cut in billiards, it is better to adhere to orthodox methods.

how to properly hold a cue in Russian billiards

After buying a cue it is not recommended to perform itintense and powerful blows at once, because your rash actions can provoke deformation of the shaft. At the beginning of use it is better to carry out easy and unconstrained strokes. To quickly and efficiently learn how to keep the cue correctly and perform game manipulations, you need to spend as much time as possible at the pool table. You need to burn this idea, you should be interested, and only then the game will not be a burden to you. You can learn all the tricks of billiards and the game will be your pleasure.

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