How to make a meal for the Monster High dolls with your own hands?

Monster High Dolls became incredibly populara few years ago and every year they have more and more fans. These toys are collected by adults, children are happy to play with them. For puppet-monsters, young housewives build whole gaming houses with furniture and all necessary trifles. A popular question among fans of toys: how to make a meal for dolls Monster High with their own hands from improvised materials? We bring to your attention a selection of interesting ideas and mini-master classes.

Materials and techniques for making miniatures

How to make food for dolls monster high
It's easiest to make food and other things fordolls in the technique of modeling. Suitable for this any plastic material. With children, it's easiest to make such crafts from salted dough or plasticine. Adolescents and adults can try to make food and dishes for dolls made of polymer clay. How to make food for the Monster High dolls with your own hands, if you have never worked in miniature technique before? Experienced masters in the modeling of small products use not only their own hands, but also accessories. It is most convenient to have at hand a set of special curly spatulas. But if you do not have such tools, it's okay to replace them with improvised items. Take the rod from the handle, several markers of different cut, plastic cutlery and any other household trifles, capable of leaving traces on the plastic material, to give it the desired shape.

Vegetables and fruit from plasticine

Monster how to make food
How to make food for Monster Highboy dolls fromplasticine, where to start? Try to create simple products in form. With the modeling of fruits and vegetables, even a child can cope. From red plasticine you can make balls - tomatoes or apples, decorate them with small leaves. "Sausages" from green mass for modeling will become cucumbers. It is not difficult to make bananas from yellow plasticine. Gradually go to more complex forms, try making pears, eggplants or bunches of grapes.

"Cooking" complex dishes

With how to dazzle fruits and vegetables, we figured out,but is this Monster High food? Of plasticine, you can mold a miniature of any shape, modern manufacturers also delight in the variety of colors. Monster High Dolls are remarkable primarily for their aesthetics. This series depicts children of famous monsters. And each doll is made in its own style, has its own tastes and history. A suitable addition to such toys will be cakes in the form of skulls, or a chocolate cake in the form of a coffin. In his Monster High kitchen, cooking will be, which will necessarily look unusual. How to fashion such dishes and products? Complex in form miniature products can always be cut out from a suitable thickness of the rolled plasticine plasticine. By improving this technique, you can create the most real masterpieces - for example, puff cakes or pizza.

To play or admire?

Food monster hai from plasticine
Food for dolls is ready, but how to deal with itnext, can I go directly to the game? Attention: many types of plasticine retain their plasticity for a long period of time, even in the open air. And this means that your crafts can be short-lived or even badly to spoil something in the doll house. How to make food for Monster High dolls, with which you can play? If you sculpt from plasticine - cover the finished product with transparent nail polish or furniture in several layers. Products from puff pastry are dried in air or in the oven. After that, they can be painted to your liking and also varnished.

Food and kitchen accessories made of paper

Monster High Cooking
An interesting idea to try to fill a puppetrefrigerator miniatures of paper. In the technique of application, you can also make a variety of pies, and if you use corrugated cardboard you will have an excellent imitation of layered cakes. Go to your kitchen and look at the filling of the refrigerator and lockers. Surely you will see a lot of cardboard and plastic packages. Repeat them in miniature can, using also paper as a source material. To glue from it simple in the form of boxes is not difficult at all, after that just paint them and dry them. If making a puppet meal from scratch seems to you something too complicated, you can try to look for ready-made sets for the creation of factory production. Often they are called: "Lunch for a doll with your own hands," "how to set a table for the Monster High." How to make a meal with your hands using a ready-made set? In the kit to the toy instruction is offered. Most often, the set includes blanks and colors for their coloring, sometimes it is suggested to mold some complicated object from a chosen plasticine. Try to make products for dolls in various techniques and very soon you will be able to organize a real feast for the entire puppet family.

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