Original bouquets of tea with their own hands

Making gifts gets new interestingform. More and more popular is the direction of the suite design, which includes the composition of beautiful compositions of sweets. And where desserts, there and drinks. Bouquets of tea or coffee - no less original gift. Moreover, you can do it yourself.

bouquets of tea

Collection of basic and additional materials

You will need:

  • a set of tea bags in individual packing;
  • chocolate candies, truffles in foil;
  • artificial flowers or skewers;
  • tea cup or cup;
  • crepe paper;
  • thin wire or thread.

The process of making flowers from tea bags

To start, you need to orient in the multicoloredpackages and decide what color your bouquets from tea will be. You can make petals multi-colored or pick up all one shade, for example gold. Lay out on the table the outlines of future inflorescences and decide on the choice.

Artificial flowers to release from buds,leaving only the cuttings with the upper small leaves. Or to prepare another material for the stems - skewers or rods made of copper wire. Even plastic straws for drinks will do.

Sweets wrap in an additional layer of foil with sharp tips outwards, so that it looks like an undisclosed bud.

Tea bouquets consist of several colors. To make them, you need to bend the two upper corners of each bag towards each other, forming a petal shape. Connect several petals on the back of the stapler, tape or staples.

You can make many rectangular petals in the form of an open fan, glue together with adhesive tape or hot glue with the help of a floristic pistol.

Paste in the middle of a tea flower candy,leaving a long bundle of twisted foil on the back. Fasten this long end, wrapping it around the stem. Secure with a thin wire or thread.

Collect a few colors together and put inmug or porcelain cup. In the latter variant, a piece of plasticine should be placed on the bottom, so that the stems stand smoothly and beautifully, without falling apart in different directions.

The simplest bouquets of tea at this stage can be considered complete. They can be done quickly, and almost anyone can cope with the task.

bouquet of tea with own hands

Additional decoration of crepe paper

If the primitive variant does not satisfy,to diversify it with decorative corrugated paper additions, which is often used in floral compositions and remains after flowers. A bouquet of tea, created by your own hands, can be a real artwork.

The paper needs to be cut into wide strips. Each such tape is stretched on one side, stretching the folds. Then wrap around each flower or make paper buds separately. Collect everything in one composition and place it in a bag of floristic paper.

bouquets of tea

Such an exquisite bouquet of tea can be presentedcolleagues, give a lover a tart drink or simply use as a decoration for a festive table. In addition to the composition, chocolate, sweets, coffee, artificial flowers and leaves are added if desired. The space for self-expression is unlimited, it's a great way to make a simple, but spectacular gift with your own hands.

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