Holiday in Goa: photos, attractions and amazing culture

If you are looking for a heavenly place to relax, thenThe Indian state of Goa best suits this definition. There's everything your soul can wish for: the placid ocean splash, comfortable beaches, magical landscapes, amazingly beautiful sunsets, incredibly stellar night sky and quite comfortable service. And the prices in comparison with other exotic corners of the earth are quite accessible.

It is interesting

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Strangely enough, but the native population of the state -Catholics for the faith. The fact is that the first Europeans, stepping on the blessed lands of India, were the Portuguese led by Vasco da Gama. But before Goa, whose photo is now replicated on wallpaper for desktops and flaunt on billboards, inviting tourists to travel, the first to reach Alfonso de Albuquerque. This navigator, warrior and architect even during his lifetime received the nickname of the Great.

His aggressive plans had no limit, andThe fortresses, built according to his plans, served as a reliable bridgehead for the Portuguese crown. In 1510 he captured Goa. Photos with modern views of the state, of course, little reminiscent of what he represented in the XVI century. The city of Goa Velha, which means "old Goa", became the capital of Portuguese India. And although Catholicism was planted here extremely cruelly, nowhere in the East is it possible to find so perfect in the architectural plan of Christian churches than here. This is why the city of churches is often called the local population of Old Goa. Photos with sights, of course, are impressive, but it's better to see the magnificence once than to study colorful pictures!

Independent state

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For two centuries, until Portugal wasmonopoly mistress of the state's trade and economic life, he flourished. The golden age of the region stopped with the colonization of India by the British. Lush administrative buildings have fallen into decay, the people have become impoverished. The Portuguese strongly supported marriages with native inhabitants, but for the English, the Indians were people of inferior class. Yet the region remained the custodian of the Roman Catholic heritage, most of the architectural monuments of the XV-XVII centuries on Goa (photos of some of them you see in the satya), recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. The province gained full independence not so long ago, after the revolutionary uprisings of 1974, and became an independent state even later - in 1987.

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Becoming a resort

In the 60's, when in Europe, especially popularbegan to use the spiritual teachings of the East, in Goa, especially Goa North (photos will give you an idea of ​​the scenic area), gushed hippies. They sought here freedom from the shackles of civilization and inner slavery, the freedom of physical and spiritual enlightenment. Many, by the way, found here a second home!

Following the seekers of Truth went to Goa andtourists - for new impressions, sharp sensations and taste for life. So from the 80-90s of the XX century the staff became the most popular world resort. He is famous as the birthplace of a special direction in electronic music - Goa-trance. It is based on classical Indian music, psychedelic rock and techno style. For a long time, such a spectacle has become customary, when amateurs are going to play on the streets of cities and villages of Goa and arrange musical competitions among themselves. Very often they are joined by professional artists and world celebrities, who are also happy to rest here. They easily walk among the motley public and happily spend time, therefore, considering the photos of tourists made on Goa, you can see very, very well-known faces!

Sights of the Krai

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Among the Indian states, this is the mostsmall in territory and least populated. As already mentioned, the Portuguese culture and customs clearly show the Portuguese influence. This edge is different from the rest of India. For example, the chapel of St. Anthony in Anjuna or the Cathedral of St. Catherine in Old Goa. Gothic style with its characteristic narrow turrets, graceful bell towers, sharp spiers, arches and columns, stone lace and other carved facades decorate well with traditional Indian architecture. An interesting sight begins during the service, when the hall is filled with parishioners in saris and turbans!

Among the national temples, tourists can visit the ancient ones, which are 800 years old. Gray-haired antiquity and majestic architecture fill the hearts with reverence and awe.

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As for nature, it turns intoa real holiday holiday in Goa. Photos with luxurious coconut groves, picturesque bays in which fishing boats are swimming, with the sun bathing in the ocean at sunset, enthusiastically sigh lovers of exoticism. And add here more green fields and forests, banana and orange plantations that begin, it is only a little deeper from the coast. Everyone will want to find himself in paradise! Do not forget about the enchanting waterfalls, plantations with famous oriental spices ... True bliss and pacification!

Life and customs

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Hindus adore children, so vacationers on Goafamilies with young children will find here the warmest attitude. Children are allowed here even in restaurants! With great respect and care, they treat ladies in an "interesting" position, so many future and real mothers spend their holidays in these parts.

According to the observations of tourists, anotherfeature. Goa has many Russian, more precisely Russian-speaking citizens, and a large number of establishments with our native cuisine. And yet, fighting for the title of the best, well-equipped and healthy resort, local authorities banned smoking not only weed, but cigarettes in public places. The people here are always very much, so there are problems with accommodation and living. A special influx sets in at the peak of the season, when Russia rains the November rain with a nasty slush, and on the threshold there are winter cold. So you want to warm ocean breeze ...

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