Let's talk about what are patterns for mittens (knitting needles)

The fact that the gloves are warmer than gloves is known for a long time.At the same time, the latter are sold in such beautiful colors, in a variety of colors and with ornaments, that the mittens, in comparison with them, appear to be monotonous and patterned. So, what are the patterns for the mittens (knitting needles) to stand out from the crowd.

A simple way to create patterns

patterns for mittens with knitting needles

Knitting of mittens goes in the following sequence:

  • elastic;
  • brush;
  • thumb.

To bind the mittens according to your sketch, you needmeasure the brush in a wide place above the thumb, and also the length from the base to the end of the palm. Further, consider how many loops are in ten centimeters. Draw a sketch of the product, where one loop is equal to the cell.

For example, the girth of the brush near the thumbis 20 centimeters. For ten centimeters there are 17 loops, then for our example you need to collect 34 p. Next, the drawing is drawn for the front part (17 p.) As a monochrome scheme for cross stitching.

This is the easiest way for beginners to createOriginal patterns for mittens (knitting needles) with a simple facial smoothness. Various snowflakes, animals, flowers, plants, abstraction and combination of several colors transform a simple product to exclusive gloves!

knitting mittens knitting needles patterns patterns

If you do not know how to knit severalcolors, then embroider the selected pattern with the thread on the finished product. Embroidery can be chaotic or match the mittens' loops, reminiscent of jacquard patterns (knitting needles). Mittens in this example resemble the Norwegian and Finnish styles.

Patterns for professionals

Experienced knitters can relate the originalmittens by mixing different patterns. Especially beautiful voluminous gloves. For example, the alternation of Christmas trees and braids or shishechek and harnesses. Due to the volume drawings, you can associate mittens with owls, mice and geometric figures.

To find the right patterns for mittens,several knitting needles link several pictures of the drawings you like. Then you will clearly see their harmony and density. Here is an interesting pattern of the spit and fir-tree (the asterisk and the number indicate the repetition of the pattern from * to *):

jacquard patterns

  1. * 1 front (L), cape (H) * 6 times, 1L, 2 purl (I), 6L, 2I.
  2. 13L, 2I, 6L, 2I.
  3. To knit two hinges together face behind the back wall (2PL), 9L, 2PL, 2I, 6L, 2I.
  4. 2PL, 7L, 2PL, 2I, 6L, 2I.
  5. 2PL, 5L, 2PL, 2I, 6L, 2I.
  6. * 1L, H * 6 times, 1L, 2I, braid (remove 3 loops before work, 3L, then tie off the loops removed), 2I.
  7. Repeat the pattern from the 2nd to the 6th row the required number of times.

This volumetric pattern is more complicated, but you will get the original knitting of the mittens (knitting needles).

Patterns: simple braid patterns

For a simple braid we use the notationprevious figure. Type the number of loops, multiples of 11, and repeat the pattern from the first to the eleventh row the required number of times. All even rows are tied identically: 9I, 2A, therefore we denote only odd series.

  • 1st and 3rd rows: 2I, 9L.
  • 5th p: 2I, spit with a slope to the right (removal of 3 loops for work, 3L and tying of removed loops), 3L.
  • The 7th and 9th rows knit like the first.
  • 11th р: 2И, a scythe with an inclination to the left (removal of 3 loops before work, 3Л and провязывание the removed loops).

The braids are classic and beautiful patterns for mittens. Spigots related product looks unusual, if you combine different types of braids and plaits. Follow the simple tips and get the original gloves!

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