Learning to knit a smart star pattern with knitting needles

Patterns and ornaments performed by knitting needles alreadyinvented a lot. Many of them amaze with their splendor and originality. Looking at some drawings, marvel at how you can create such beauty with your own hands? To the category of "most-most" without doubt, we can refer to the "star" pattern. Knitting it with knitting needles is not difficult at all. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed description of the methodology for performing this drawing. In addition, here we show a knitting pattern for the "star" pattern with knitting needles in the technique of jacquard ornament and applique. We hope that this information will be useful to you.

sprocket pattern

The pattern of an asterisk. We learn to knit an embossed cloth with knitting needles

In front of you, you see a photo of the "star" pattern. They perform different clothes, but especially it looks on dresses, blouses, sweaters and hats. It can not be said that this pattern is suitable only for women's things. It is quite textured, so it can be clearly seen on the canvas of dark color, from which men's clothing is usually performed. So, we master knitting with knitting needles - a pattern of "asterisk".

Dial 25 loops. 1-st row: remove the edge, * 1 the front loop, from the three loops, 3 *, repeat from the * * * to the end of the row, the last one to be sewn with the wrong one. The second and all other even rows are performed by purl. 3rd row: edge off, 2 eyelets tied with facial, * 1 facial, from 3 perform 3 *, repeat from * to * until the end of the row. In the fifth row, begin the repetition of the drawing as in the first.

For beginner needlewomen, let's explain this methodknitting in detail. Before you are 3 loops. Enter the needle in them, grab the working thread, pull out the front thread, then make a crochet, again untie the front one, and only then discard all the loops from the right knitting needle.


Jacquard drawings

The sprocket pattern can be executed in the form ofornament. An example of one of them you can see in the photo. How do such drawings fit together? To accomplish this option, two threads, light and dark, will be used at once. All loops in all rows are made out by facial. In the diagram, one square is equal to one loop, one horizontal line to one row. The pattern knits from top to bottom. In places where the ornament passes from one color to another, the threads are twisted with each other from the wrong side, and another color of yarn is put into operation. When doing jacquards, many needlewomen complain that the canvas is compressed. This is because during the knitting process, the thread of one color, the other, left on the wrong side, is tightened. This can not be done. It must hang freely.

knitting pattern

Knitted applique

The pattern of "star" can be executed with spokes and here insuch an option, as shown in the photo. The technology is the same as in the design of jacquard. The diagram shows all the rows and loops. To make the drawing neat and beautiful, it is important that the yarn of both colors be the same thickness. Such a star will look good on children's clothes, scarves, mittens.

Let the process of creating knitted stars bring you pleasure and only positive emotions!

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