How to knit openwork socks with knitting needles?

Many women do not want to knit socks, namingthis occupation is boring and monotonous. Of course, everyone is used to stereotypes: an elastic band for two and a stocking pattern. But today, skilled workers can be pleased with various schemes and methods of knitting these things. Let's take a closer look at how to tie openwork socks with knitting needles.

Preparatory stage

For the product you need one hundred grams (410 m) of threadbrand "Drops Fabel" (Drops Fabel) or other yarn, where wool will be 75 percent, and the rest is polyamide. And take for convenience 6 stocking knitting needles No. 2.5. Knit will be openwork socks with knitting needles for 39-40 size, so calculate the density. In this case, for a ten-centimeter segment, there are 34 rows and 26 loops of the facial surface.

You type 66 loops and knit two circles with the facialpattern (facial loops knit all the rows). Next is an elastic band for six laps. Unlike warm socks, the shin lift is decorated with an openwork pattern, and not an elastic band two by two. In this case, the front face, the foot, the toe and the back part of the product will be tied.

openwork socks with knitting needles

Therefore, on fifteen loops onlyelastic, and the remaining 51 - facial pattern. Each face line is reduced evenly until the knitting needle is no longer left. It is from this moment begins openwork knitting with knitting needles.

Socks openwork: patterns of gum and azhura

For the socks will be used two drawings: an elastic band 1 x 1 and an openwork pattern. With the elastic band everything is clear: alternate the front and back loops. The openwork pattern is made according to the following scheme:

  1. Two facial (L), two loops knitted together(H), H, remove the loop as front, tie 1 L and stretch it through the removed (PL), 3 L, 2 PL, H, H, PL, 3 L, 2 PL , Н, Н, ПЛС, 2 L.
  2. All hinges are facial.
  3. 1 Л, 2 ПЛ, 1 Л, Н, Н, 1 Л, ПЛС, 1 Л, 2 ПЛ, 1 Л, Н, Н, 1 Л, ПЛС, 1 Л, 2 ПЛ, 1 Л, Н, Н, 1 L, PLC, 1 L.
  4. All hinges are facial.
  5. 2 FL, 2 L, H, H 2 h, remove the first loop as the front, knit two loops along the front and pull it through the shot (A 2 PM), 2 L, H, H, 2 A, A 2 PM 2 A, H, H, 2 A, FL.
    knitting needles
  6. All hinges are facial.
  7. Н, ПЛС, 3 Л, 2 ПЛ, Н, Н, ПЛС, 3 Л, 2 ПЛ, Н, Н, ПЛС, 3 Л, 2 ПЛ, Н.
  8. All hinges are facial.
  9. 1 Л, Н, ПЛС, 1 Л, 2 ПЛ, 1 Л, Н, Н, ПЛС, 1 Л, 2 ПЛ, 1 Л, Н, Н, ПЛС, 1 Л, 2 ПЛ, 1 Л, Н.
  10. All hinges are facial.
  11. H, 2 A, A 2 LC, 1 A, H, H, 2 A, A 2 LC, 1 A, H, H, 2 A, A 2 LC, 1 A, H, 1 L.
  12. All hinges are facial.

Basic knitting

Socks openwork knit pattern sixteencentimeters. Next, you need to leave fifteen loops for the gum and 8 sts on each side of the heel, which consists of a facial pattern. Knitting goes according to the standard pattern: six centimeters of lifting, then the loops are divided into three spokes (the main thing is that there are the same number of loops on the side) and only the central ones are knitted, and the cut takes place due to the side ones.

Next, open-work socks knit with knitting needles andfacial smoothness from the heel. If, when fitting, the product reaches the height of the little finger, you begin to subtract the toe, which consists of a facial pattern. Knit up to ten loops, which then tighten the thread. The next sock is created as well.

knitting needles

In principle, for lacework is characteristic of tworules: the yarn is taken more thin, the elastic 1 x 1 alternates. The openwork pattern can be taken any. To make openwork socks knit with the first time, try to tie three patterns on the test square and look at your density clearly. Then your product will be elegant and beautiful!

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