We knit pullover with knitting needles

If you want to wear warm, pleasant for the bodya thing that no one else in the world will have, then tie a pullover with women's knitting needles. In order to clearly see the patterns or drawings on it, take not fluffy yarn.

Looks nice tied pullover knitting needles. The female style allows more patterns than the male, so there is where to unfold your fantasy. This photo clearly shows several types of mating. All of them together allowed to create a very effective thing.

pullover with knitting needles

Where and how will we make the waist?

The waistline is emphasized by the pattern "elastic". This knitted pullover is feminine, so charming that it will appeal to any fashionista. A line of rubber, which should be at least 15 cm in height, will make the figure even more feminine and attractive.

The elastic band is 2x2, that is, 2Facial, then 2 purl and so on until the end of the series. Now the product is turned over, and the pullover knitting the female already on the wrong side. Where there was a facial, the purl is tied, and where the purl was, the facial is tied. The line of the waist was perfect, you can continue the needlework.

Knitting with knitting needles: pullover female - create a pattern

After the end of the waist line, knit the facialsmooth: on the face of the face, and on the wrong side, respectively, purl. Further, a height of 5 cm on the line of the blades creates a very interesting pattern, which is quite easy to make. To do this, you need to tie 3 loops face, 1 purl and so to the end of the row. On the wrong side, we slightly shift the picture. To do this, the first loop knit the front, then 3 purl and so on to the end of the row. Now on the face at the very beginning it is necessary to tie the first loop of the facial. Second - purl, then 3 facial, then 1 purl, 3 facial, 1 purl, 3 facial, and so on until the end of the series. Turn the product to the wrong side. We knit: 2 purl, 1 facial, 3 purl, 1 facial, 3 purl and so on.

As a result, the face is obtained from three facial loops, which are shifted to the right. The same drawing is

knitting with pullover
We leave on the shelf and the sleeves of the product.

Picture of "rhombus"

Effectively on the knitted things will look andrhombs. Wrong loops, located inside and outside the rhombuses, emphasize their relief. Diamonds can be made of any length and width. The main thing is to keep proportionality. For example, the widest place will be 7 loops long, then in the height of the diamond should have 5-7 rows.

  • 1 row: begin with the lower part of the rhombus from the front side, tying 3 loops back, then 2 facial and again 3 loops back.
  • 2nd row: on the reverse side of the diamond as it begins to expand. Therefore, first 2 knit by front, 2 purl, 1 facial, 2 purl, 2 facial.
  • 3 rows: 1 purl, 2 facial, 3 purl, 2 facial, 1 purl.
  • 4th row, like the 2nd.
  • 5 row, as the first.

A female pullover can be knitted by making 4 details: 2 sleeves, a shelf and a backrest. In this case, the sleeve will be sewn. But you can also create a pullover-raglan with knitting needles.

pullover raglan knitting needles
Female, as well as men's, and children's pullover, you canknit intact, then the sleeve must not be separately made and sewn into the main product. Unlike the sewn models, raglan knits from above, and all 4 parts are created at once. To do this, you need to calculate how many loops go to the shelf, backrest and both sleeves. Begin to knit from the neck and finish the product around the waistline or hips with an elastic band or garter stitch.

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