Interested in drawing "English gum"? How to knit, learn, after reading this article

Knitting on needles as a kind of needlework appeareda long time ago. Who invented the first loop, and could not be determined. But during the excavations historians have found different little things connected from threads and on spokes. In our country for the first time for knitting, men took, and they knitted chain mail. Today it is difficult to imagine the Russian youth who returned from the battlefield with his spokes in his hands. The attitude towards clothes changed, the technology of its creation changed, but knitting remained the most popular kind of making warm clothes. Only for this matter have now taken the women, and what is not invented by them, what patterns they have not developed. For example, an English gum. How to knit it? Very simple. As they say, the master's business is afraid, and you just need to take in the hands of knitting needles and a tangle of threads.

English gum how to knit

Beginning of work

Beginning knitting English gum is easy. On the spokes you need to type an even number of loops. The first row matches the alternation of the facial and purl. But the second row will be somewhat trickier. To the side of the product was flat, the first loop should not be tied, it just needs to be transferred to the working spoke. The next loop, that is, the first one, should be the front one, but the second one should seem to be the wrong one, but it does not need to be tied, but it is necessary to make the cap and remove the loop with it. Still not clear how to knit an English gum? The scheme prompts.

how to knit an English rubber band

Knitting pattern for English gum

For beginners knitters it will be more convenient to workaccording to the scheme. Usually it clearly indicates each row. Each loop has its own symbol. For example, the front loop is indicated by a check mark, and the back one by a stroke. So, for the knitting of English gum on the chart, a series of alternating purl and facial loops is indicated. If you look at the diagram, it's very easy to fit an English gum. How to knit according to the scheme? The first row - one loop front, and the other - purl. The second row - the front one is sewn, and the purse is removed with the crochet. And so it repeats to the end of the series. The last loop should always be bound with a purl. This will allow the side part of the product to be level, without bumps.

how to knit an English gum with knitting needles

Second row

If you are interested in how to knit an English gumknitting needles, you will understand that it is not difficult. When the first row is finished, you must turn the knitting and proceed to the second row. If we consider the scheme, it is clear that the main principle of this pattern is a sequential alternation of the front and back loops. Also, the rows alternate. It is very easy and simple to perform an English gum. How to knit it, you already know. In the second row, it is again necessary to perform the front and back loops in turn. Only the facial are tied together with a crochet, and the purlins are also removed with a crochet. If you carefully consider the technology of knitting, it can be noted that in each row, one similar operation is performed. Face loops - are tied, and purl - they are removed with nikidom. If you go through several rows, you will already see the English gum. How to knit it, we examined in detail. Usually the product made by such a pattern is obtained by volume. This pattern knits scarves, hats, sweaters.

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