Learning to knit beautiful things. Pattern "honeycomb" (knitting needles)

Pattern "honeycomb", knitting needles, very goodlooks in such products as hats, mittens, sweaters, cardigans. Its structure is a double knitted fabric. And this means that the thing that he has done turns out to be voluminous and very warm. There are several options for doing this picture. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with two descriptions on which you will be able to learn how to knit a pattern of "honeycomb" with knitting needles. The diagrams presented to your attention show that this drawing can be made in the form of small cells and large ones. Further in the descriptions the technology of registration of these variants of the drawing is described in detail.

the pattern of a honeycomb with knitting needles

"Bee honeycomb" (small cells): instruction on how to perform

Knit this version of the pattern starting from the wrong side, that is, the unpaired rows will form the inner side of the product, and the pair - the front.

1 row: remove one loop (edgeband), * 1 eyelet, remove one loop and make a crochet *. Repeat the pattern until the last loop from the * - * icons.

2nd row: (outside of the product):edge (remove), * cape, without tying, transfer from one spoke to the other (right), 2 facial loops *. Repeat the alternation of the loops from the * - * icons to the last loop in the row.

3 row:edge, * 1 purl loops on the other spoke, make a crochet, the next loop, together with the crochet, made in the previous row, tie the front *. From * to * repeat the design of the pattern to the end of the row.

4 row: edge, * 2 loops are sewn with the facial, the cape, without tying, is transferred from the left knitting needle to the right knuckle *. Repeat such an alternation of loops to the end of the ryadochka.

5 row: edge, * 1 loop together with the crochet, made earlier, the front of the front stenochku, 1 purl loops, make a cape *. Repeat pattern from * to *.

6th row: edge, * napid from one spoke to the other without tying, 2 facial loops *. Repeat the sequence of execution of loops from the * - * icons to the end of the row.

7 row: we also tie it as a 3rd row, and so on.

pattern of large honeycomb with knitting needles

The pattern "Large honeycomb". Spigot we will connect the sample

1 row knit with the face stitches, and the 2nd - with the backs.

3 row: 4 eye loops, 2 loops simply removed without tying, the thread is at work. Repeat this sequence to the end of the row.

4 rows: 4 loops of the purlins, 2 loops removed, without tying, while the thread is before work.

5th, and also the 7th series perform as the 3rd. And the 6th and 8th rows should be tied like the 4th. The 9th row should be sewn with the wrong hinges, and the 10th with the front ones.

11th row: 1 eyelet, * 2 remove, not tying (thread is at work), 4 facial *, repeat * - * until the last loop, 1 facial.

12 rows: 1 purl loops, * 2 remove from one spoke to the other (thread is before work), 4 purl *, repeat from the signs * - * to the last loops, 1 purl.

The 13th, as well as the 15th series perform as the 11th.And the 14th and 16th rows should be tied in the same way as the 12th. Next, the pattern of "honeycomb" knitting should be followed by repeating the technology of execution from the 1st row. This figure can be found in specialized literature and needlework sites called "waffles."

pattern honeycomb patterns

One important hint for needlewomen

These pattern variants refer to a group of patternswith loops removed. Knit them should be weak. The thread stretching along the wrong side of the work can not be tightened, otherwise the canvas will turn out to be shapeless and compressed.

The pattern of "honeycomb", knitted in accordance with the description, can be safely called one of the most elegant drawings.

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