We cook sweet gifts - bouquets of sweets with our own hands in a basket

Flowers and sweets - these are the gifts that will beglad and a little girl, and a young girl, and every female. These two presentations can be combined into one original composition in the form of a bouquet of chocolates. Today such gifts are relevant and in demand. And you do not need to order it from the masters. We will teach you to make bouquets of chocolates with your own hands - in a basket. This is the direction in which needlework is devoted to the following article.

bouquets of chocolates with own hands in a basket
A composition of sweets. Where to start?

To make a bouquet of chocolates in a basket, you need these materials and tools:

  • candy-caramel;
  • wooden skewers (10 cm long);
  • Corrugated paper of green and any other bright color;
  • basket;
  • glue PVA, hot gun;
  • thread kapron;
  • braid or tape;
  • Scotch tape narrow;
  • paper or mesh wrapping;
  • soft thin wire;
  • Styrofoam;
  • sisal;
  • scissors.

We learn to make bouquets of chocolates with our own hands in a basket: decorating flowers and leaves

Bright corrugated paperuse two-color) cut 10 rectangular pieces with a size of 3x8 cm. The upper edges of these blanks are rounded. Middle parts slightly stretch, forming a depression. 3-4 caramels together with a thread for one of the "tails" of the wrapper. It turns out a bunch. Push the wand between the sweets and re-wrap it carefully with a string or tape. If you want a flower bigger in size, then tie 6-7 candies. We bind the petals under sweets, overlapping one by one and attaching with scotch tape. It turns out a flower, in the middle of which there are sweets, and around them paper lobes. Place the stalk and place the fastening of all the details with corrugated paper of green color and fix the edge with adhesive tape or glue. A sweet flower is ready. Similarly, do the required number of such elements.

bouquets of sweets in a basket
Execution of products such as bouquets of chocolateswith their own hands in the basket, suggests the presence of sweet "buds" and "leaflets." For their implementation in a square piece of corrugated paper wrap the caramel and tie it with a thread for one tail. It turns out to be a non-blown bud. Attach it to a wire, which is then wrapped in green paper.

The leaf is executed as follows: a long narrow strip of paper at one end to wind to a "twig" of wire. The other edge wrapped, stretching the blade of scissors along it. Sweet details of the composition are ready.

bouquet of sweets in a basket
Making a basket

How to fix such products in the wicker base,like bouquets of chocolates with their own hands? In the basket, spread the wrapping paper or floral net, beautifully straightening the ends outwards. Place a piece of foam of suitable dimensions in the center, attach it with an adhesive gun. Paste the flowers into the base. All the voids and the foam surface are covered with sisal fiber. From the ribbon or decorative braid, perform a bow and attach it to the handle of the basket. You can decorate the basket with decorative butterflies, ladybirds, artificial flowers.

Presents such as bouquets of sweets in a basket, and bring aesthetic pleasure to the originator of the celebration, and will please him with their own taste. Do and give gifts with pleasure!

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