Original brooch made from fabric by own hands

A very original trend of the new season arevintage brooches and accessories made by themselves. Brooches differ in texture, design and decoration, but, as a rule, they are performed in the form of flowers. Make brooches from the fabric with your own hands is not so difficult, and such an ornament is perfect for any wardrobe. They can turn the most ordinary blouse into a masterpiece. And the creation of such an accessory will require from you fantasy, patience, a minimum of financial investments. Do you want to know how to make original brooch from the fabric with your own hands? This is what will be discussed in this article.

brooch from the fabric with their own hands

Brooches made of cloth adorn not only clothes, but alsohairstyle, handbags, used as bracelets and necklaces. They are a great addition to scarves and shawls, pierced by graceful hats. Original silver brooches and jewelry made of cloth have long become the constant companions of women, able to raise the status and make their possessor even more chic. Any fashionista must necessarily have a similar thing in her collection, because she will never go out of fashion. And the real masters even make brooches from the fabric with their own hands. Do not miss the opportunity to become unique and original.

Each brooch has two important components: decorative element and clasp. In the hardware store you can buy good fasteners of various types and sizes. These can be areas to which decorative parts are glued, and simple pins.

Vintage brooch

To create an enhancement, you can usea variety of materials: ribbons, beads, fabric, beads, lace, plastic. Anything, whatever your imagination is enough for. If you want a brooch made of fabric, then silks are ideal for creating petals. Such flowers will look elegant and gentle.

We make a flower from the fabric

To begin with, choose the fabric of pink, red orany other color, cut it into strips, from which we will twist the rose. To make a rose about five centimeters in diameter, you will need strips of fabric about 7 cm wide and 50 cm long. You can also use ready-made tapes, which are sold in fabric stores. Then we take a strip and add it along the length, smoothing the bend place.

Now we turn the strip of cloth inside out andbend both edges to the center. At the center of the length, the strip is bent again to make a strip that looks like an oblique bake. At one end, it is necessary to cut the inner edges and fix the needle from the wrong side at the middle bend point. Then, from the front side of the bend, sew a bead, which will become the center of the flower. Wrap the bottom edge of the bead or buttons with a cloth and fix with a thread. Now the strip of fabric is bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the outside and again fixed with a thread. And now, in the process of twisting, bend the fabric at an angle to the center, fixing the flower with a thread. The rose is ready. It remains only to attach it to the barrette.

silver brooch

With the help of this article, you learned how to make brooches from tissue with your own hands. There are many more ways to create original accessories. Fantasize and show your originality!

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