How to knit with knitting needles?

With the advent of cold autumn and winter, girls beginthink about how to protect your head from frost and at the same time look stylish and fashionable. The solution is obvious: you need to knit to take knitting needles. He is rightfully considered the most fashionable of

winter hats. He takes it and does not let his head freeze, and fits any style of clothing from jeans with a sports jacket to an elegant dress and coat.

Knitting on the spokes of the beret model does not take muchtime. You just need to be attentive and patient. Accuracy also does not hurt, otherwise you will have to rework the product many times to give it a decent appearance.

So, before you start knitting, take the knitting needles,purchase 200 g of yarn, warm enough for winter frosts, and a couple of sets of spokes. There are a lot of drawings and schemes of knitting berets. The simplest of them is the alternation of rows of facial and purl loops. The result is a simple smooth drawing. However, if the threads you chose are monochrome, this takes will look boring. Although, if you are an adherent of classical models, then this option will suit you perfectly.

For monophonic yarn, it is better to pick up a suitable pattern from books.

Knitting on knitting needles
In this case, you should pay attention to the level of its complexity. If you are an aspiring needlewoman, you will need to train yourself beforehand to cut out this drawing separately.

The beginning of the beret is almost always tied with an elastic band - an alternation of facial and
back loops. In order not to get confused, remember which loop the series started with. For example, if the first row starts with the front one, then the second one crochet with the wrong one, and so on. Or make sure that the facial loops are located over the facial loops, and the purlins are over the purlins. The rubber band needs to be connected to 8 rows.

To knit takes knitting needles further, you need to takeknitting needles number 6 and start the 9th row. The pattern can be chosen chess. To do this, connect a number of facial loops, for example 5-6, and then the same number of purlins. Thus, connect 6

knitting for children
rows, and then change the front and back loops in places, that is, start with 5-6 purlins, etc. Get a pattern of squares, like a chessboard.

However, before you start knitting, take the knitting needles on the pattern, that is, after you have finished the elastic, in the 9th row you need to gradually dial 27 loops. In this way,
knit a pattern to 38 rows, then gradually with each row reduce the number of loops.

To finish the product, carefully remove theknitting needles from the hinges, when there are about 5 of them left, take the gypsy needle, thread the thread, then carefully insert the needle into the hinges and tighten. Thus, the beret will be ready for a long and faithful service.

If your hobby is knitting, for childrenYou can also make a couple of berets, while using funny patterns and colored threads. Children will be delighted! If you are the happy mother of your daughter, you can teach her knitting skills on knitting needles, she will definitely like to wear things of her own making. Moreover, the most elementary pattern for a beret, described above, will not cause difficulties even for a beginner in knitting.

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